Arroyo hits critics

November 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

Mrs. Arroyo just lambasted her critics for alleged political shamanism in the face of an impending financial crisis to hit us in the first quarter of 2009. She said that protests are ill-timed and ill-advised. We should all be uniting behind her to effect reforms.

Question–did the Filipino People made these controversies all up? Were we the ones who…

  1. Stole 3 billion pesos to fund a very controversial Hello Garci election scandal?
  2. Got 6.5 million for a trip of eight PNP generals?
  3. Caused the failure of a peace pact with Bangsamoro rebels?
  4. Nearly stole 8 billion pesos from a deficient ZTE telecommunications deals?
  5. Selling Philippine patrimony to foreigners?
  6. Denuding our forests to satisfy the resource requirements of emerging economies such as giant China?
  7. Promoted nepotism and destroyed professionalism in the career services?
  8. Allowed the pardon of convicted rapists, murderers and sadists?

Let me re-publish one letter to the editor sent by an Inquirer reader here:

‘Godmother’ rules Philippine ‘gangland’ 


Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 03:15:00 11/01/2008


It’s really dismaying to watch the news and read the papers. An agriculture official diverted fertilizer funds for election purposes, a top election official sealed a deal to modernize elections with a bogus company, and a presidential candidate called an election commissioner during the canvassing of votes.

Let’s not forget a US Marine/rapist was smuggled out of Philippine jurisdiction, a convicted plunderer was pardoned, and an arrogant murderer was recently granted clemency. Now a former police comptroller is under fire for carrying more cash than allowed in Russia or anywhere but here. Slowly but surely our country is beginning to look like a very bad movie—except that it’s real.

I suggest we drop all pretenses and just declare once and for all that we no longer deserve the name “Republika ng Pilipinas.”

Our beautiful Philippines is looking more and more like a gangland. It’s now home to the most successful Mafia-like syndicate there is in any part of the world. Just like in the movies, the syndicate’s bosses appear respectable, they go to church on Sundays, and have nice real mansions, clothes and cars. But here, unlike anywhere else, they also run our country.

Here they can have you abducted or killed in broad daylight, especially if you (a) are an activist and (b) a journalist critical of government anomalies, or for no particular reason at all. Here they drive around in those big SUVs with armed escorts who will not hesitate to bully anyone who gets in their way.

Yes, they belong to The Family that rules the country. This Family is headed by a godmother, who is also the patron of convicted rapists, plunderers, murderers and election cheats. Human rights? They can’t be found around these parts of the planet.

JOSHUA REY P. CENTRO (via email)


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