Obama fever could overwhelm the polls

November 2, 2008 § 1 Comment

Two days from now, Americans will decide whether to choose a veteran of traditional political wars or a young, inexperienced dreamer who’ll get the very first distinction as America’s first black president. Polls show, it’s a very interesting fight. Democratic bet Barack Obama is leading Republican John McCain. All over the world, millions are supportive of Obama. Obama is positioned as a refreshing candidate, someone with the vision and the “stamina” to manage a different America. Obama’s popularity rode on the overwhelming anti-Bush sentiment. Throughout the campaign, Obamanatics tried to portray their candidate as the “chosen one”, mainly because of his youth and his anarchronism against anything Bush. If they succeed in conquering the Oval Office this November 4, expect some radical changes in the way the government is being run.

I have always been an Obamanatic, eversince I saw the young maverick Senator commenting about the loss of Vice President Gore. Four years ago, I have thought that this young man could very well become president. Little did I know that that CNN interview was just the start of a series which culminated to what I described as “Obama fever”. Quite expectedly, Americans got his message. Here was a young man with a vision and possibly the right prescription to end American financial miseries. But, will he really do it within 4 years?


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