Will I succeed in entrepreneurship? Help me!

November 7, 2008 § 3 Comments

Do you plurk? I do. Click on this link and we’ll be friends forever.

I’m heading on a new experience. I’ve been working hard trying to make other people rich. Now, it is time for me to head on a new direction and become an entrepreneur.

Yes, I’m trying to raise money for a water refilling business. Sounds weird right? After spending most of my life on communications-related jobs, I, now, am looking forward to a business which some might think as unfamiliar territory.

Well, for me, it’s not anymore. I’ve researched all about it and found that, a water refilling station can very well sustain somebody’s family. My family ( I have a 6 month old baby, plus one pesky little boy and one girl) needs at least 60k per month to sustain ourselves. That’s huge. Yes. I just entered the army of the “PMAers” and despite what people say that I love, in fact, I love to hate actually.

Anyway, I hope some of my friends would understand that I’ll not be selling just water. I’ll be selling something very clean, very refreshing, lovely, pure and absolutely thirst-quenching. Yes. Thirst-quenching.

But, I am thinking of not just selling those 5-gallon types. No. I want to puncture the beverage category (eventually). For now, I’ll appreciate my friends to give me some contact numbers of companies who may need 5-gallons. Or maybe 1-liter, 500ml or 250ml types.

Eventually, I may venture into the iced tea category and find more revenues there.

For now, these are just dreams. My loan application has not been approved as yet. And I’m waiting for some money from my previous engagement.

That’s a problem here. In other countries, banks and loan agencies are very lenient in giving out loans, especially those for businesses. The credit market here is very tight. How can you help in reviving the local economy if banks and loan agencies will not help you out?

Like those Americans who are very lucky to have a Change Agent as their New Leader, I want to follow what Obama urged people to do—make a change, help the economy, be an entrepreneur.

I’m planning to do just that, to prove to myself if this paradigm would really,really work.

I hope Jon Limjap is reading this–do we still have hope that people like me who wants to be an entrepreneur be helped by government or banks for that startup funds?

Or, anyone out there who’ll give me advise?


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