Bolante Watch Update: Joc-Joc Now At Senate

November 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

At around 7:43 this morning, infamous Joc-Joc BOlante finally reached the Senate. After two and a half years of hiding, Joc-Joc has now this chance of telling us, the People, the answers to the following questions:

1. Who ordered him to think of this fertilizer program when his previous experience is in insurance?

2. Where’s the bulk of the money?

3. Why did he decide to hide all these years if he really, did’nt commit any irregularity?

4. Who is he protecting?

These and more, I hope, Joc-Joc Bolante answers very truthfully. Otherwise, this would probably explode in his face.

Joc-Joc must realize that he’s now protecting his family, not just himself. If he continues to clam up, he may yet escape prosecution, but not his family. If he dies, his wife better change her surname fast.

Is JOc-Joc now ashamed that he brought infamy to the Bolante surname? Prior to his stint in government, he was a high executive of Prudential INsurance. Now, look at him. The very invocation of the word “Bolante” elicits two different reactions from people.

Those who are aware and want some justice done, Bolante means “high crime”, “thief” and “liar”. Those who are aware and are just nonchalant about it, Bolante for them means ” a joke”.

Joc-Joc needs to clear his name. He needs to let it all out. Tamaan na ang dapat tamaan.

Joc-Joc should speak out against the mastermind of this fertilizer scam. He might be the architect, yes. But there’s someone out there who really prodded him to deprive the poor farmers of their fertilizers and their tractors.

By the way, if you want to know the latest news on the impeachment of Gloria, check out this very entertaining site and Very entertaining and informative. I have’nt met this Immanuelle Peach. She’s very creative.


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