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November 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

The House Committee on Justice chaired by Cong. Matias Defensor has just decided to discuss the merits of the Motion to Intervene by a group of citizen journalists led by Inquirer columnist and friend Manolo Quezon. The MOI is the first time that citizen journalists have shown that they are also a force to reckon with. They set up a blogsite of their own (it’s called “Oust the Imp” at and “Suya Ka na Ba?” at just for the impeachment updates. This is a welcome development since it is time for these Congressmen to know that citizens of note are taking a great interest in the politics of this country.

I was invited to participate in this undertaking and I knowingly registered by support. Despite my present status, I believe that it is to the best interest of the entire Filipino blogosphere that I take part in this. Though I’m somewhat financially depressed at this point, I deemed it wise to sacrifice my personal interests and put the country’s welfare first. I have a sick baby to take care of today, but I decided to make a definite stand and continue meeting people of different walks of life and make them aware that this is the time for action, not of retrospection.

I texted reporter Lira Fernandez that we, in the blogsphere are watching very carefully the deliberations on this impeachment complaint. Though many say that it’s a lost cause, nonetheless, I feel and told my media friends (Anthony Taberna and Weng Salvacion) that the Committee should do its ministerial duty to receive, review and pass the MOI and the main impeachment complaint and let Congressmen debate on the substance of the complaint. Yes, it is a number’s game and obviously, Gloria enjoys the tyranny of numbers. Nonetheless, what I want is for people to hear the crimes committed by Gloria and her ilk and let the People decide what course of action to take in the future.

I remember my friend Brian Q telling me that it’s very hard to fight these traditional and entrenched powers in our society. They have been ruling this small and impoverished state for so long and it’s foolhardy for anyone with the purest intention of reform to presume that a flash revolt would just suddenly change all of these things. Our societal problems have deep roots and uprooting them would take a very long time to do. Having said that, awareness is one step towards the right direction and being a pragmatist, I told myself that this MOI and impeachment are two steps toward that direction.

Congress should be made aware that we will not tolerate them railroading this thing. And I mean, we will NOT allow that. Congress should recognize that hundreds if not thousands of people are watching their every move. There are so many groups that I know would burst asunder and would abandon all legal hopes should Malacanang and their factotums in Congress make a fool of Joey de Venecia’s main impeachment complaint and our Motion for Intervention.

Let Congress allow Joey de Venecia, the complainants and the Intervenors to say their piece before the Filipino People. Let Congress give Joey, Manolo and all the rest of those who want Gloria be made accountable of these high crimes their moment to present their case before this august chamber. It would be better if the Committee even pass the buck of responsibility to the assembly since, Gloria enjoys a sizeable number of supporters anyway and like the palace and the Speaker Nograles says, the impeachment will not even reach second reading because it does’nt enjoy the numbers.

Yes, this struggle is, I think, doomed to fail, if Nograles and Dureza are to be believed. Nonetheless, as one anecdote says, one door closes, another one opens. Impeachment is a very political act. It will not solve the very core problems of this country of ours. However, with its death rise hopes that other options is better and more potent that mere pen and paper.


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