Where’s Maritess Aytona?

November 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

Bolante’s runner, Maritess Aytona is now being tagged as the one who offered Congressmen the fertilizer funds. The Senate wants to get her. But, where is she? She’s reportedly the manager and owner of Feshan Philippines Incorporated, a company built just to be the legit front for Bolante’s operation. Feshan was given the exclusive contract to supply diluted fertilizers.

With her over at Feshan was one Jimmy Paule, allegedly an official at the Provincial government of Antipolo and reportedly an uncle of DILG Secretary Ronaldo Puno. Paule was the designated “snitch” of Malacanang to reportedly monitor the movements of Aytona and Bolante. While fertilizer scam whistleblower Jose Barredo Jr. worked as Bolante’s courier. It was Barredo’s testimony before the Senate (which was confirmed by Rebecca Aquino, a board member of the Provincial government of Sorsogon) that blew open Bolante’s illicit trade.

Where is Aytona? Why is the Senate not ordering her immediate arrest? Aytona should be made to appear before the Senate and asked to reveal the truth. Otherwise, the DA syndicate might just get hold of her and murder her, like what happened to Esperat and another DA employee whose entire family was massacred by this syndicate.

Some insights about Aytona. Maritess “Tess” Aytona hails from Marikina. She formerly dabbled in the medicine business and met Bolante through some acquiantances. Aytona is said to have very strong connections with Bulacan-based mayors.


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