Pinoy Entrepreneurship on a roll

November 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

I just visited a great site. It’s called For those of you who want to set up their own business (like me!), this site will definitely give you great information on how to start your own. Check it out at You can also click

Want to get out of the financial rut? Then, go, build your own business. There are many things to sell (excludes yourself of course). You just need to be a risk taker. And of course, passion to make your dreams possible.

I watched one report over at ANC. It’s a story of a man who just thought of selling street food to the middle class. He started with just one food cart. And you know what? That food cart generates for him 1,000 pesos a day! He figured that if he continues selling street food in a food cart, he’ll be able to get more than his monthly pay. After two months, he set another food cart. Then, another one, and another one until it grew to 300 food carts right now! Imagine, he’s earning 300,000 a day just by selling fish balls and kikiam!

I’m also proud to be friends with Atty. Bong Suntay. For those of you who still don’t know it yet, Bong owns Basic Taxi, one of the biggest, if not the biggest taxi service in the Philippines today. He started with just one cab. Then, it grew. Now, he has a fleet of about 3,000 cabs plying Metro Manila and the environs. And you know what? One cab generates 1,800 pesos a day! What’s more, he build his own gasoline station and every cab gets their gas from him. Now, think of how much he earns right now.

There are so many success stories of Filipinos right now who started getting rich by just making their dreams happen and had the guts to struggle and get on with life. I’m looking forward to see my own business in the next few weeks.


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