Is The First Couple still in love with each other?

November 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

Is Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo still “in love” with her husband, the controversial First Gentleman Mike Arroyo? I ask this question for one thing–what’s so important in Peru that Gloria opted to proceed to that troubled nation instead of being with her sick husband? Yes, it was just a stomach ache. But, I believe it was so painful that it caused the airplane to make a momentary stop in Japan just to accommodate the First Gentleman? His doctors say it was the “hardening” of the aoerta walls that caused FG’s hospitalization. FG reportedly ate a “steak”, which he could’nt digest that well and caused his aorta walls to tighten, hence, the pain.

Malacanang wanted to downplay the incident. I don’t want to be cruel, but many thought that it was Gloria who succumbed to illness. Remember those “talks” alleging that Gloria (like Macoy) is suffering from a serious disease (cancer of the ovary? I don’t believe it). Regime critics even prayed for this. There’s one government official though who heaved a sigh of relief when he learned that it was FG and not GMA who fell down his seat. That official probably thought that he’s still okey since he’s still just a spare tire.

But, I really believe that FG’s latest hospitalization is very serious. Is’nt natural for a happy wife to stay beside his ailing husband? What’s so important in Peru for Gloria? Peru is just as impoverished as the Philippines (probably even in worse shape than us) and it’s not even a major trading partner. Is Gloria there to meet with some “power players”? When I think of Peru, I think of Argentina. Selling NAPOCOR assets to Peruvian businessmen?

Going back to the First Couple.The alleged estrangement of Gloria and Mike have been the stuff of legendary coffee shop talks since 2002. One of those rumours alleged that Gloria has been living separately away from her husband since the controversies exploded. We all know those purported indiscretions allegedly by the First Gentleman, one of the most controversial was his alleged tryst with his secretary Vicky Toh. Rumours say the First Gentleman even sired two kids with Vicky Toh before they split up. Now, allegedly, the First Gentleman is said to be with another woman right now. This alleged relationship started a year and a half ago. The woman, wagging tongues say, is a former flight stewardess. This newest relationship, says some Malacanang insiders, is the reason why Gloria and Mike’s relationship remains very strained.

All these news are just probably rumours to besmirch the relationship of Gloria and Mike. What’s important is FG’s safe. But, is he?

What would happen if Gloria loses FG in her side? All of us know that FG is Gloria’s “silent big operator”. Will Gloria fare better without FG inside Malacanang?


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