When will we ever wake up?

December 1, 2008 § 1 Comment

A succession of oil price rollbacks sends some smiles among us. Yet, whenever we go to the supermarket, prices of basic goods are still terribly high.

Who, in the world, is the one being fooled into complacency by the Arroyo regime? Surely, it is the middle class. Let the poor suffer, they might have said in that terrible Hall of Shameful Powers. They don’t have the means to effect a serious try against us anyway. Rallies need money.

Who benefits from oil price rollbacks and lowered lpg? It is the middle class whom this regime wants to lull to sleep. Sleep, my conos and conitas, while I make some moves to extend my term in Congress.

I tell you my friends, we must not be fooled by this apparent PR plan to lull us to sleep and massage our hatred. Things are not changing the way we, the People, want it to. Companies are still raking huge profits at our expense, especially those food firms who continue to keep the prices of goods very, very high.

Also, we must not agree with this administration to extend Gloria’s rule. Another 10 years with Gloria at the helm? Excuse me.


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