The War is not Over, says JDV3

December 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

Just twenty one Congressmen stood up to side with those who want Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo impeached. For impeachment provocateur Joey de Venecia 3, the killing of the impeachment he personally led is expected. In a statement, Joey said that the 183 votes were expected since these Congressmen were expected to vote along party lines. ” Their loyalty is to the president, ” says Joey, “..rather than the people.”

Joey also thanked the 21  brave ones (including an administration Congressman) who reportedly followed their consciences. So, it seems that the minority is really that weak in the Lower House. And you know how Filipinos behave–Pinoys always side with the “malakas” and shun the “mahina”. Why? Is it endemic to the Filipino? No. Everyone wants to be near those who wield power instead of spending time with weaklings. That’s the rule. Frankly, those who pushed for the impeachment were those who actually caused its very downfall. I’m friends with them, but as a Blogger, I need to tell the truth–that it was obvious that the very same people who want Gloria impeached are the very same ones who wanted to kill the impeachment.

It’s obvious during the impeachment hearings that the complainants did not do their assignments. They spoke before the throng of Congressmen without conviction. They did’nt even researched on the things being complained against Gloria. Those accusations were innuendoes and at best, circumstantial evidence bereft of any respect from any legal minds.

I really can’t understand why the pro-impeachment people actually told the people that we are doing this but we are expecting to win. That defeatist line really caught me speechless. I mean, if you knew that you’ll gonna lose anyway, why do it in the first place? You just conditioned the minds of the people that nothing will ever amount to a legal challenge against Gloria’s rule. I agree, they are making a statement. But, by doing so, they further isolated themselves from the people and even contributed in sending a chill down the spines of people, especially those who want change.

Anyway, I do agree with Joey—this is far from over. The battle may have been won by those pro-Arroyo Congressmen but the war is far from over. With the death of the impeachment, many people are now totally convinced of the inevitability of ousting her using People Power. And in this case, the People are expected to win convincingly.


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