Didith Reyes A Tribute Post

December 12, 2008 § Leave a comment

She died like a broken doll tossed by the Fates in that idyllic place in Laguna. For many, that sultry and golden voice of Didith Reyes was the one thing that made us remember those times spent in the altar of true love. Didith’s songs reminded us of those times when we flung ourselves headlong, oblivious of our parent’s wise counsels and even sacrificed our futures just to taste that wonderful nectar called Love.

Didith died with a broken heart, a reminder that one who worshipped Love at its Lustiest Nature is condemned to a live of perdition and painful experiences. When I heard about her death, sadness crept in my young heart. Why? Why did God allowed this to happen to Didith? What is GOD trying to tell us, those who continue to live in this damned earth?

Like others, I grew up listening to Didith’s songs. Everytime she sings, a certain melancholy pricks my heart. She sang like a mermaid chained in an isolated island, luring sailors to their deaths.  Ultimately, Didith became a victim of her own songs; she died with a broken heart.

I join those who think that her friends should have done something to save her from her tormented life. Shame on those who abandoned her in her time of need. Shame on those who exploited her, who ravished her youth and those who corrupted her.

Some say, Didith was cursed for having that stupid relationship with her married producer. Some said, that started her bad fortune. It was too late for her to recover. Also, that life spent merrily drinking and taking part in those drug sessions were all Didith’s own making.

Yet, I believe that, like those famed artists whose legacy last generations, her fate was sealed the very first time she stepped in that stage. Creative souls like Didith are destined to a life of creative misery. In the future, Didith will rise up, again, like the Diva she was once known for. Look not at how they lived; just consider their very legacy, their contribution to the plethora of musicky. In the future, we, who live, will forever be grateful that such a soul lived to animate our hearts with songs of precious love.


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