Why do we need to go to Ayala today?

December 12, 2008 § 1 Comment

Why do we need to go to Ayala today? Let me write the reasons.

1. We need to show that we care for ourselves, that we value the future of our kids and that we love this country so much we hate to see it being ravished by a mafia gang led by an illegal usurper.

2. We need to show that we feel that enough is enough. Enough of the immorality. Enough of the thievery. Enough of the bullshitting. We need a government that will take us safely against the tides of the global financial crisis and that we will not get robbed by this mafia. End the high-level thievery. End the bullshitting. We need a transparent government.

3. Nine years is enough devastation already. We need a government that would inspire us, that would raise our hopes and that would protect us from the dangers of the times. What we don’t need is a greedy government. We don’t need a government that protects those who support it and damns those who don’t. We need an equitable system where people are rewarded not for their ass licking ways but for the merit of their acts.

I’m going to Ayala, not because of anything but because I love my kids and I love to see that things are better and right before I fight the dangerous waves of financial disaster in 2009. Time to act. Time to sacrifice my life so that my kids will have a safer and brighter future.


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  • jimmy says:

    Dear P.O.
    There’s no way for us to show our vigilance against a tyrant / despotic leader except to go out of the streets and shout on top of our consciousness that we do longer need this type of leadership marred by massive graft and corruption, by greed, and by the injustices on its own people. But mercy to those who really wanted to join the crowd there in Makati and cannot go there because they have no means to go there. Maybe, they just watch the event from the small TV at their small homes or from their neighborhood. Can’t we have no way of telling these poor people to show their vigilance, every time we go on a big rally like this. How about ” A SHOW IT AT HOME RALLY”, by encouraging them to hang up a small piece of white cloth, a worn-out white t-shirt or anything white outside the windows of their houses, as a sign or manifestation of their protest against charter change
    and the mis-deeds of this government. We can do this in Metro Manila which is considered to be the show window of all all political events in our history that will encourage the whole nation to follow suit. The media can help very much in making this very peaceful but forceful rally showing of the sentiments of our people. Enough is enough to this government that we can no longer trust.

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