What’s wrong with Mar Roxas Cussing Charter Change?

December 15, 2008 § 1 Comment

Friday’s interfaith rally was very significant for two things: First, it was the biggest multi-sectoral rally ever assembled. Various personalities went there to express their disgust over the possibility of an extended Arroyo presidency. Two, it demonstrated a creative way of expressing dissent. People from all walks of life poured into Ayala Avenue to denounce the apparent disregard for the People’s Voice of this regime. People, not only Senator Mar Roxas, but also former Vice President Teofisto Guingona swore.

Why, you ask? Because these people, like the rest of us, are sick and tired of Gloria and her gang’s attempts in extending the illegal life of this regime. They want it to end. They are frustrated and utterly stressed by all these machinations being done by the palace. They want it stopped. But, the very head of this government wants the music to continue. Probably, cha-cha music is heavenly in her puny ears.

So, if you’re disgusted by the things you are witnessing in your lifetime and you feel that the very future of your kids are at stake, what do you say? Will you still praise those who are doing you harm? We are all human. As humans, we all have our time of great frailty.

Senators are human too.


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