Pope Dick Gordon

December 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

Much fuzz have been generated by Senator Mar Roxas’ outburst during the interfaith rally. A colleague, Senator Richard Gordon, was one of the first one who “castigated” Mar for uttering such “bad words”. After Gordon’s self-moralizing tirade, Malacanang followed suit.

I don’t know about you but I remember that incident before the establishment of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Area (SBMA). Gordon was then mayor of, I think, Iba Zambales. He was campaigning for the retention of the military bases since, he said, his entire province of Zambales and possibly, of Bataan, would not be able to cope with the withdrawal of US troops.

When Gordon was lambasted publicly by anti-bases groups, he cussed and threatened everyone. His cursing was worst than Mar Roxas. He even accused those who oppose the extension of the military bases as “ingrates”, “fools” and “Communists”. Had I decided to write in Tagalog, these words would definitely offend the sensibilities of many.

Yet, unlike Mar, Gordon cursed the people, not the people’s oppressor, as what the good senator from Iloilo did.

I hope Mr. Gordon would not be that too a moralist and a pseudo good doer. Like Mar, Gordon is just human.

What would Gordon say if PGMA declares, say, Mr. Manny Villar as the administration’s standard bearer and colleague Cheez Escudero as the administration’s vice presidential timber, leaving him, Bayani Fernando and Noli de Castro in the lurch?Will he blurt the classic Tagalog cuss word against Gloria?

I would advise those who dreams to become president to just shut up, just do your own thing and not pontificate like they’re saints when obviously, they’re not.


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