Pause for peace

December 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

Its Xmas and most of us are just in our homes, enjoying this little time with our loved ones. For most, this is the time when we are able to know what’s happening with our friends and relatives. It’s a time also for retrospection, the kind of thing when you just go somewhere and think of those things you did in this year and strategize on the things which you’ll be doing for the coming new year.

We all have reason to cheer. Being alive is one (Yet, for some, this is a curse rather than a blessing). And being able to still do something for others is something to be happy about.

Come to think about it–the reason why God allows us to still live is God needs us to do something for others still. We live to serve others. And we need to realize that.

By the way, for those who want to help others, you can join me in my Cause.

Gather all your old newspapers and white papers. Donate all these things and let’s gve it to a charitable institution for the Aged (Home for the Aged is one). For every kilo of your old newspapers, you’ll have donated 5 pesos while for white papers, you’ll be able to give 6 pesos per kilo.

You can reach me thru my handphone number at 09063286207. I’ll be collecting your stuff anywhere you want it picked up. As proof of your contribution, I will give you a certificate that you want to donate the money from your old newspapers to the Home for the Aged.


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