Katrina Halili-Dr Hayden sex video?

December 26, 2008 § 3 Comments

Local showbiz circles are abuzz about this purported sex video showing Dr. Hayden Kho and sexy star Katrina Halili. Reportedly, this video shows the two cavorting and playing the dangerous love game. The alleged evidence reached the eyes and ears of Dr. Vicky Belo, the fiance of Dr. Kho. The “discovery” led to the premature ending of the Belo-Kho relationship.

Recently, in an interview, Hayden admitted the indiscretion and tried to make amends. But, Belo reportedly does not want to hear anything. Well, of course it’s painful for Belo given that Kho finally realized his mistake of having a relationship with a 50-ish, hehehe! You can click the video here.

And to think that it was Belo who made Katrina Halili a goddess! And I must say, Belo probably is crying a bucket-full in some remote island somewhere and blaming herself  for this fiasco. Kho must have been with Belo during Halili’s body enhancement operation and Kho must have thought that it’s nice to “taste” that lovely Belo creation.  What a nice way to put it!

If I’m Vicky, I’ll just let it go and admit to myself that I can’t really prevent somebody younger than me to go ahead and do some “soul-searching” and find a more delectable feast. I mean, come on, are we fooling ourselves to think that a man ten or 20 years younger would fall head over heels with us? Probably, only those who want to get rich quick would do that. It’s always great to taste a younger woman, but an older one? I hate to say it, but women are not necessarily like wine. This May-December affair by Belo and Hayden is bound to fail, for obvious reasons–there are a lot younger, more delectable and more delicious ones out there for Hayden to see, explore and taste for himself. Hayden is a young, dashing and a fine gentleman. He can always explore the wild and be like a stallion. Probably, Belo does’nt have it anymore. Or maybe she does have some spunk left but Hayden decided to splunck her instead.

It’s time for Belo to act her age. Come to think of it, she can’t do that. That will destroy her “ethereal” image ergo would probably affect her blossoming beauty business. Age gracefully should be Belo’s motto, not age with a mind of a juvenile. Hate to say this, but this is what the public thinks right now.


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