Arroyo to be ousted in 2009?

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I have always been fascinated with the uncanny accuracy of the IChing in giving critical advice on almost everything. IChing, that centuries old divination system used by the Chinese, is not an occult science. It’s an oracle. Like the famous Oracle at Delphi, I-Ching represents hidden knowledge and wisdom culled from centuries of life experiences of its chroniclers. Chinese traders use the 64 trigrams in decisions on investments.

I learned IChing when I was studying Chinese civilizations in college. At the University of the Philippines in Diliman, I dedicated my 5 years studying ancient Chinese texts, including the IChing, Tao Te Ching and all the other works read by Mao Tze Tung. I still read Chinese books, most especially the three great novels, most notably the Three Kingdoms.

Anyway, as I was conducting my IChing sessions to determine what fate awaits me this 2009 (and also conducting my sessions for my friend, RG Cruz who wants to know something about his relationship), I asked the IChing what awaits the Arroyo administration this 2009.

I know most of Arroyo’s actions are “divined”, meaning, those significant events follow traditional Chinese astrological advices, some of them believe in the IChing. One of course, Arroyo’s closest friend, SSS Head Romulo Neri.

Here’s what the IChing answered:

Question: What awaits the Arroyo administration this 2009, or the Year of the Ox?

Answer: Trigram 49 (Change/Revolution)

Arroyo's fortune in 2009

Arroyo's fortune in 2009

Hexagram 49 is named 革 (gé), “Skinning”. Other variations including “revolution (molting)” and “the bridle”. Its inner trigram is ☲ (離 lí) radiance = (火) fire, and its outer trigram is ☱ (兌 duì) open = (澤) swamp.
The skeletal form of hexagram 49 is described by analogy to the under-exaggerated properties of hexagram 33 where we have a generic focus on enticement (competitive form), trickary, a ‘structured’ retreat (spring a trap, draw the enemy ‘in’). In 49 there is a focus on revelation, showing what is ‘behind’ the mask, unmasking – and so the focus on revolution etc.

Ancient description of Trigram 49 is as follows:

“(What takes place as indicated by) Ko is believed in only after it has been
accomplished. There will be great progress and success. Advantage will come
from being firm and correct. (In that case) occasion for repentance will

What’s the meaning of Trigram 49?

There will be a sweeping and drastic change that would happen in the Arroyo regime. This change will occur through the revelation of a very serious issue in the Cabinet. An existing or former member of the Cabinet will emerge and will connect Mrs. Arroyo to the very serious allegation concerning graft and corruption. He will do it three times before the public will believe him. This man (born of the Year of the Tiger), will make some changes in his testimony three times; yet, the public will repose great trust in him.

Mrs. Arroyo and her minions will try to make some cosmetic changes in the way things are being run. If Mrs. Arroyo remains firm and correct, she will avert disaster and will survive until 2010. However, if she fails to change like a leopard changes his spots, then, she will not survive the revolution. Great caution is advised. If Mrs. Arroyo changes her administration in 2009, she may yet survive the oncoming revolt against her. Small men, meaning local executives, will still be by her side.

There is another thing that the IChing wants to say: there will also be great inroads in attempts at changing the charter. Come 2009, those who favor chacha will have their way.

So, for those who believe in the IChing, this is what it says about Arroyo.

(By the way, for those of you who want to know your luck this 2009, send me an email bearing your question and I will consult the IChing. Your 1st question is free. Or text me at 9063286207.)


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