Alabang Boys–too hot to handle?

January 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

In the widely televised House Committee on Drugs hearing today, three things were established. First, the PDEA led by the courageous Marine Mayor Ferdinand Marcelino conducted the Ayala Alabang buy-bust operation according to plan. They conducted a pre-arrest investigation. They cased the suspects. Eventually, they were able to entrap them thru a buy-bust operation. Based on the report, Richard Brodett, son of popular golf icon, “Butch” Brodett was the head of the group composed of Joseph Ramirez Tecson and Jorge Jordana, son of Johnny “Midnight” Joseph Jordana. When these drug pushers were interrogated, PDEA found how Brodett got his illegal drugs from abroad. They followed procedures. Surprisingly though, the prosecutors who handled the case, Senior State Prosecutor Philip Kimpo and the one who penned the resolution,Joseph Resado did not see it that way, and it was affirmed by Chief State Prosecutor Jovencito Zuno who even defended the DOJ position before the media.

By the way, the ponente, Prosecutor Resado admitted having been a student of the Alabang boy’s lead counsel, Atty. Felisberto Verano Jr. who is now under water for allegedly trying to wiesel his way out of a rejection to release his clients by Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales.

Atty. Verano, incidentally, is also a fraternity brother of DOJ Undersecretary Ric Blancaflor (the frat name is the Order of Utopia, a law fraternity of the Ateneo de Manila school of Law) whose name was dragged into this case after allegedly calling up Major Marcelino of PDEA for a followup. The House committee decided to call Atty. Verano after they found out that Atty. Verano reportedly tried to do a fast one when he allegedly gave an envelope containing a draft release order to the secretary of his frat brother, Undersecretary Ric Blancaflor who, in turn, immediately went to the office of the DOJ secretary Gonzales for him to sign the draft release order. It seems that, according to Cong. Roilo Golez, there was an “irregularity” here since allegedly Atty. Verano used a paper with the DOJ official logo when he reportedly made the release order. One other Congressman (I think it was Gen San Lovely Darlene Antonino insinuated that that act was a violation of the Code of Professional Ethics of lawyers).

Second, the bribery attempts did take place, according to Major Marcelino. He was reportedly pressured by JoTec, a relative of one of the suspects and even his own PMA Class 1994 mistah. Marcelino made us all proud when he resisted all attempts at releasing these high-society drug peddlers.

Lastly, it seemed that, based on the hearing, there are certain procedural aspects that both the DOJ and the PDEA should resolve. That’s why the Dangerous Drug Board, headed by former Senator Tito Sotto recommended that a prosecutory unit be created within PDEA that will try all these drug cases.

IN all these, let the wheels of justice grind against these scums of the earth. PR operators are moving right now in the media to mitigate the effects of these revelations, but, their attempts will be put to naught. The truth will come out. These devils who sell these illegal drugs should be put to death, whoever they may be.

And, for the first time, I would like to commend Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for standing her ground on this one. It is highly commendable, even heart-warming, to hear Mrs. Arroyo even calling Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales and ordering him not to release the Brodett-Tecson-Jordana drug trio, pending review of the resolution. For all our differences in opinion before, this one, I salute President Gloria Arroyo.

To Major Marcelino and General Santiago–sirs, the Filipino People salute you. May your tribe increase. May you continue your fine work. For our idealistic brothers in PDEA, sirs, continue to do the good work for and on behalf of the Filipino People. We salute you sirs. Let the revolution continue and fight these evil menace that inflicts our nation.


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