Alabang Boys–RP’s high-class drug lords?

January 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

Who has’nt heard of the name Richard Santos Brodett, the alleged head of one of the biggest drug groups in high society Manila? A resident of Acacia Street, many residents of A yala Alabang hate Richard Brodett’s guts. Ever since his transfer from Merville Paranaque to Ayala Alabang Muntinlupa, Brodett reportedly is a known black sheep. That’s according to some sources over at the exclusive village. Brodett reportedly caused a mayhem when he transferred home.

Reports say that Brodett, Joseph Tecson and their accomplice, Jorge Jordana Joseph, son of Johnny Midnight, came to know each other early of 2006 when they started going on the night club and bar circuit.

These trio belong to a bigger drug syndicate reportedly controlling the high society drug trade in Metro Manila and Baguio. They reportedly organize concerts and use these events or gigs as one way to sell their drugs. And boy, they allegedly sell ecstacy, cocaine and shabu.

A  lawyer once remarked that’s its impossible for these alleged “boys” to do what the PDEA accused them of doing. A source told PinoyObserver that these suspects are not exactly “boys”. They are allegedly adults and they belong to the druggie world dominated not only those living in Alabang. These drug crazy addicts and peddlers are sons and daughters of high society living in Valle Verde, Pasig and New Manila.

Sources over at PDEA said, it’s just a matter of time before government agents crack these drug organisation. A tip to the PDEA–this drug syndicate is being controlled by the son of a retired General. Question–will PDEA really have the balls to arrest the 169 Drug Club based in Valle Verde Pasig?


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