Why is the Pinoy Youth so fucked up?

January 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

Disturbing figures coming from drug enforcement agencies: 9 million drug addicts, ninety percent between the ages of 16 years old and 30. Another report this time from an intelligence unit of the government revealed that the usual profile of Filipino drug users are those belonging to the 14-25 age group. Imagine, very young men and women engaging in a vicious habit that threatens their very futures.

An ABS-CBN report by Korina Sanchez tonight showed that drug peddling in schools and universities is as frenetic an activity as enrolment. Drug agents have identified Centro Escolar University (CEU) and San Beda College (SBC) as two of at least a dozen other universities and colleges whose students are buying and selling illegal drugs. Teenagers buy and sell illegal drugs just like they swap or load their cellphones. Known teen hangout bars like Embassy and Warehouse in Makati were also identified. These shows you a totally drug-crazed landscape. We seem to have reverted back to the heady days of hippie counter-culture where drug use is one habit that’s sure hard to break.

What has happened to our youth? Is this worsening drug situation just an aberration or its a really, and truly serious problem that needs drastic measures? Some groups are calling for a re-institution of the death penalty. But, is this really the solution we need?

What’s wrong with the Filipino youth of today? Why is the Youth seemingly misdirected? Are we seeing the obvious social effects of neglect by many parents who are too busy earning money abroad? What’s the core of this social malaise?

Who’s to blame for this societal mess? Is it the church? Is it the parents? Is it government? Who in our society should we blame for this? Or this is the way the Youth is expressing their anger against the dysfunctionalism they’re experiencing?

Lives, families and futures are being destroyed. The Filipino Family is being destroyed. The Youth is being victimized. Directionless, the Youth is indulging in dangerous passions that threatens their future. We, all of us, are victims here. These young ones will be our leaders, entrepreneurs and workers in a few years time.


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