Barack Obama’s 1st acts as US President

January 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

New US President Barack Obama just signed three Executive Orders, two of which concerns political lobbying and a freeze on the salaries of top White House officials. The other one is an E.O about the financial stimulus package. He also signed an order temporarily stopping the prosecution of those jailed over at Guantanamo bay.

What’s the meaning of all these? What Obama is trying to say is this—he wants to clean up the government, save the people some money and send a message to the world that the Obama presidency is respectful of human rights. That’s the right way to start his 100 days.

Obama expects a series of meetings with Congressional leaders on how to pass and implement the 820 billion dollar stimulus package that is expected to create 3million jobs. Though the stock markets continue to plunge, Obama and his economic advisers hope that the infusion of new money into the economy will reinvigorate the markets and production starts humming again.

Let’s just hope that this works. Sectors say Obama is just being given at least 100 days by the American technocrats and power-shakers. It’s unfair. Yet, in American politics, that is all the patience these tradpols allow to a sassy neophyte like Obama.


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