Gordon did a great job

January 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

Though many criticize Gordon for his alleged bravado and his usual line of him being God’s given son in Philippine politics, what I saw pleased me when he presided over at the Blue Ribbon committee hearings on the Fertilizer fund scam. Despite some attempts by his “classmate and bosom friend” Atty.Fornier (or is it Fonacier?) to influence or cloud his decisios as Committee head against the counsel’s client, Gordon maintained his cool and tried to remain impartial. It would have been better if Gordon really stuck his guns and meted his friend a contempt of court ruling. For about seven times, his classmate violated the Rules of the Senate. Gordon should have been firm.  Gordon should have thrown Atty. Fornier to the Pasay City jail. His leniancy at that point became suspect because of his ties with the counsel of the beleaguered witness.

Maybe it was all theatrics, since, in the end, Gordon just let that thing passed. Imagine, a mere lawyer mocking the integrity of the Senate Blue Ribbon committee! For all my years covering the Senate and watching history unfold there, it was my first time to see a lawyer and some other persons, mocking the very integrity of the Blue Ribbon committee.

Gordon failed to assuage the fears of the public that this administration is trying to railroad the proceedings. The first time that Gordon assumed the blue ribbon, many feared that, as administration ally, Gordon could use the powers of the committee to just allow Joc-Joc Bolante and his accomplices to escape punishment.

The previous hearing showed just that–Gordon being made to be party in this silly and whimsical and almost parodied scam hearing. What a shame.


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