False Angeles

February 3, 2009 § 1 Comment

Celso delos Angeles Jr, the alleged architect of the now infamous Legacy banks scam, has now surfaced. He’s ready, according to his lawyers, to spill the beans. What beans will he supposedly spill? Well, reportedly the reason why his banks closed and his businesses shut down. At the Senate and the House committees investigating the Legacy scam, delos Angeles was a picture of a saint, a man without sin.

He blamed the Bangko Sentral, calling them extortionists. He pointed at the media, blaming them for diluting the trust of the people in his banks and pre-need companies. And then, he pointed to God for not allowing a lucrative sale with a Swiss bank last year. Given the chance, delos Angeles would have probably blamed even Regine Tolentino for breaking up with him.

Delos Angeles’ bold statements show one thing–he thinks that everything is just a voudaville and all these things will blow over. Like Joc-Joc Bolante and DOJ Prosecutor John Resado, he’ll enjoy his billions after these hearings. What’s a few curses or some dramatic scolding from the senators, these legislators are toothless. What’s a few verbal assaults? That’s nothing compared with the billions Delos Angeles now owns.

Some sectors believe that Delos Angeles is still a financial genius, like what his friends, especially Speaker Prospero Nograles says about him. Reports say that he redirected the monies from the trust fund and spread it to his other companies not affliated with the Legacy group. By redirecting the funds into his own personal turf, he now legally owns the billions given by Legacy Consolidated Plan holders for their non-life and life policies.

While more than 15,000 Legacy planholders hold empty promises in their hands, delos Angeles sleeps soundly at night, secured by his billions and managing more than thirty more companies. A senator said that Delos Angeles is operating a nationwide racket, akin to pyramiding. He’s the head honcho of the biggest syndicate in the Philippines, yet, no one is touching him.

Maybe it’s time to call the Partisano or even the YOUng. Let those who bleed the people dry with their schemes suffer from their sin.

Now, do we expect things to change after these senate and house hearings on the scam? Nothing will come out of it. Look at these scroundrels, the likes of Resado, Bolante and Delos Angeles. They hide behind the law. Yet, they don’t really realize the impact or the effect of their acts. It’s a shame that these people continue to wantonly do these things under the pretense of legality.


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