Chocolate Facial Spas, anyone?

February 13, 2009 § 3 Comments

Everyone knows how chocolates are supposed to cure the broken heart. Eating a bar of chocolates not just raises your body fat index; it also induces your endorphins, the body’s natural anti-depressant chemical. Chocolates do calm the troubled mind, not because it has “miraculous” properties; the chemical composition of chocolates really does the trick every time a troubled or depressed soul eats that dark brown sweet bar.


What would happen if, say, you liquefy the chocolate bar, put some organic skin moisturizers and apply it to your skin? Would a concoction of herbs, honey and melted chocolates do the same thing as reaching for a bar of Hershey’s? 


Europeans and Americans, in a survey, swear that putting chocolate in your face does more to your skin, body and mind than munching that Chocó-filled wafer. A study shows that melted chocolates make your skin, soft, smooth and radiant. Those who bathe in a tub filled with liquid chocolates fused with herbs or even just apply that special concoction in their faces swear that the experience literally melts their worries away. People probably felt that way when that warm and rich chocolate essence reach their epidermis, cleanse those pores of dirt and deep-seated blackheads and whiteheads and leave their skin tight, fresh and velvet-ly smooth.


That fresh and happy feeling makes the most difference especially for difficult spouses or recalcitrant fiancés. Reports show how 9 out of 10 couples leave chocolate facial spas happy after spending an hour together in a Chocó-filled warm tub. Maybe it was sensual. They might have spent that hour exploring each other.


The most rational explanation points to that love culprit, endorphins. A tub filled with chocolates or even just a handful of pure melted chocolates infused with herbs produce billions more endorphins than a 200 gram bar.


In the States and some parts of Europe, chocolate spas cost a fortune. Spas like these are just for royalty. Like those milk baths in Cleopatra’s time, chocolate spas in posh hotels abroad would easily fetch a thousand bucks. Even facial spas do cost a lot.


Fortunately here, bosom buddies Emma Danan and Malet Gatan, owners of Krizalis Beauty salon, thought of a way of doing those choco spas without necessarily costing you your shirt. When the duo heard how people profess on the supposed “healing” properties of choco facial spas abroad, they tried to make their own concoction based on a so-called “secret European recipe”. What they discovered surprised them. The concoction not only improves blood circulation and increases the production of endorphins; it also tightens the skin and leaves it glowing.


Thus, “the Most Decadent Krizalis Chocolate Facial Spa” was born.


Demands for this unique facial spa has grown since the duo first started offering this very special facial spa treatment to their numerous friends and patrons. People have flocked to Krizalis not just once, nor twice, but many times, because the Most Decadent Krizalis Chocolate Facial Spa not just cleanses the skin; it leaves people looking young and beautiful.


The facial spa uses only dermatologically approved organic ingredients. The natural concoction is infused with fresh herbs, chocolates, honey and a dash of “secret ingredients”. Krizalis uses only the freshest and the finest organic cleansers found in cocoa and oats. Professionally trained staff will attend to you when you book a session with the salon from the 14th to the 28th of February.


Since this is a limited and exclusive engagement, you need to book early for a chance to experience the Most Decadent Krizalis Chocolate Spa Treatment. * Call the Krizalis Exclusive Hotline at (632) 6384130 or visit their salon at the Village Center Building, C-5 Libis Quezon City. You can also check their website at



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