Krista Ranillo’s Secret Haunt

February 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

When Krista Ranillo, the beautiful daughter of 80’s matinee icon Mat Ranillo III, decided to embark on  the sexy route, many protested. They can’t seem to figure out why a lovely lady like Krista would suddenly decide to take her clothes off just to make a name for herself. Unlike Nina Jose or Diana Zubiri, Krista belongs to one of showbiz’s  royal bloodlines and mere mention of her surname evokes memories of fine acting by her forebears. Anyway, as the story goes, Krista reportedly burned her bridges with her father but after a few weeks (or days?), they reportedly mend their ties. All is forgiven, says Matt. Just don’t do that stupid thing again.

Well, it seems that Krista is at it again. And this time, says the lovely lady, its bolder.

I chanced upon Krista when she was having her hair and makeup fixed at the fast-rising lifestyle salon Krizalis Beauty Salon in Libis Quezon City. There she was with her manager, enjoying the fine care of the salon’s resident creative director Mac Labay. I got my camera and shot her while she’s having her private moments.

Famous hairstylist Mac Labay with Krista Ranillo

Famous hairstylist Mac Labay with Krista Ranillo

” I enjoy going here at Krizalis Beauty Salon because it’s quiet here and I can be myself. Plus, of course, the exquisite services they give me here is unmatched compared to others. There are other salons in Eastwood City where I live but nothing compares to the pampering that Krizalis beauty salon gives, ” says Krista who, I was informed, usually goes to Krizalis Beauty salon at the Village Center Building, C-5 Libis Quezon City for her regular weekly beauty regimen.      

The Krizalis Beauty Salon team who creates beautiful transformations

The Krizalis Beauty Salon team who creates beautiful transformations

Krista told me that other showbiz personalities frequent the quiant but not so ubiquous lifestyle place. That includes her buddies, Gabby Eigelmann, the lovely Lindsay Custodio and broadcaster Aljon Bendijo. Aljon by the way if you remember once anchored TV Patrol, along with Korina Sanchez and Ted Failon but he’s now hosting the morning show ” One Morning”, over at government station NBN 4. While Lindsay I believe has chosen to go serious on mommy stuff, if my information is right.

Krista says Krizalis is her secret haunt, the place where she transforms from being just a lovely lady to an elegant and sexy twenty two year old. ” Beauty, ” adds Krista, ” is highlighting your true self. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Just be yourself and let your hairstylist do their thing”

Sexy Krista Ranillo will be making a splash soon over at Maxim

Sexy Krista Ranillo will be making a splash soon over at Maxim

For Krista, her unpretentiousness gave her the respect from her peers in the industry for six years already. She started her career as a lovable teen at “Palibhasa Lalaki” and afterwards, went on a Sabbatical to finish her studies at the Ateneo. Now, she’s a very successful actress who’ll be trying her broadcasting skills very soon at the daily entertainment show ” Showbiz News Ngayon” over at ABS-CBN 2, hosted by Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino.

” This will be my first time to seriously try being a field reporter. I have always loved meeting different people and interviewing them. ”

By the way, for those who want to see Krista “in the flesh”, she’ll be making a splash soon over at Maxim. ” This time, it will be sexier, bolder, ” says Krista who’ll be donning a “secret” swimsuit in the magazine’s March cover. ” But, if you just want to meet me and know how I manage to stay beautiful and fresh, go to Krizalis. It’s just in Libis, and make your beautiful transformations. Like I do.”


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