Lindsay Lohan’s Nude Photos

February 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

Hollywood sex princess Lindsay Lohan’s nude photos are causing a rise in temperatures in New York City. Celebrated photographer Bert Stern did a pretty good job shooting all those photos ala Marilyn Monroe.

The photos were not tasteless, as some critics wrote. It was pretty classic. I’m sure that some Filipina actress would want to copy what Stern made for Lindsay Lohan.

The question is—will it make a pretty dent on the career of the actress who went into the classic Hollywood trouble road when she was still barely twenty. Will it revive interest? Or will Hollywood just shrug this off and laugh on the freckled body of the young star, compared with Marilyn’s Paris-like body?

Lindsay Lohan in the nude ala Marilyn Monroe

Lindsay Lohan in the nude ala Marilyn Monroe

For Filipinos, Lindsay Lohan is already, well, damaged goods.
News reports say that Lindsay continues to dabble in drugs. She’s also going steady with another girl.
I believe though that Lindsay Lohan will be able to revive her Hollywood career and be among the hottest, most talked about actresses. She just needs a very good film project and off she goes.
Some are even pitting her with Megan Fox. Fox is the hot chick at the chart-topping movie Transformers which is soon to release a sequel.
Many are just waiting to have their hands on her alleged sex video. Megan Fox had a sex video?
Yes, and PinoyObserver just happen to have a copy of the alleged video.

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