13 year old Briton–youngest father? He’s not!

February 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

That 13 year old Briton fathering a child with his 15 year old girlfriend seems pretty shocking, not odd. For some people, it’s unimaginable for someone so young to actually do such a thing. Yet, this “phenomenon”, if we call it at that, is not that strange here. In our country, I’ve heard of girls as young as 12 years old impregnated by 12 and 13 year old playmates. This happens a lot in the provinces. And the “phenomenon” is spreading even in the cities.

Why are teenagers having sex as young as 12 years old? What’s so wrong with our culture, some would ask.

Honestly, it’s shocking to us, but in other cultures, this is as normal as you can get. Some tribes in Africa marry and get laid at the start of puberty. They see it as a form of escape from poverty. Others view this as part of their traditions. Yet, if you notice, these people marry young and die equally young. Average life span: 35 years old.

Maybe if we’re not Christians, we would probably not even mind this bit of news and shrug our shoulders and say that that 13 year old Briton is old hat news. In a Paganistic culture, siring a child at this age is the norm, not an exception.

People get so shocked with all of these because the average modern age of getting married is about 30-35 years old. Like those Africans, urbanites marry and have kids late in their times because of economic reasons. In Singapore, people marry at 32 years old after they get a secured job and rights to have an HDB (A condo). Same as in Russia, where there’s a “decaying” society because so few Russians marry and raise kids. The ratio between men and women there is so huge, they even want “imports” of any nationality just to re-populate their kind.

So you see a 13 year old Briton maybe young for us, but the fact that he managed to “get it up” means that he already has a developed brain that can cope with the pressures of early fatherhood. Same goes to that 15 year old girl. It’s a different case though if they live in a poor slum. Surely, no amount of knowledge would be enough to fight the growling sound of a hungry stomach.


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