Pinky Webb to replace Karen Davila in TV Patrol World?

February 18, 2009 § 1 Comment

I just watched Pinky Webb deliver the news in lieu of Karen Davila over at TV Patrol World. She’s perfect. She’s not only eye candy on screen–she also projects a very professional mien.

Webb does not have the baggage of being a very close follower of discredited president Arroyo. Karen, well, enjoys the enviable position as an administration supporter, which is a kiss of death for any reporter. A reporter should not have any semblance of partiality to anybody, lest himself.

Everytime Karen anchors the afternoon radio show over at DZMM, ratings mysteriously dip. Why? Obviously, Karen takes care of certain “controversial figures” which shows when she goes to the booth. Karen defends Arroyo everytime. Remember her obvious editorial partiality when the Joc-Joc Bolante scandal broke out? HOw about when the First Gentleman got brickbats due to the World Bank report? She even defended the Alabang Boys to the derision of many radio listeners.

Question—is’nt that her husband now dabbles in public relations? Does this explain why sometimes she takes positions that are, well, rather irrationally siding the main culprits in those teledramatic scandals?

Should the management decide to really make Pinky Webb a regular mainstay at TV Patrol World, ratings are sure to rise even further.


§ One Response to Pinky Webb to replace Karen Davila in TV Patrol World?

  • ellen says:

    people should just leave her alone–she’s entitled to her own opinion. Why? just because her opinion is different from the rest of the reporters does not make her credible? bawal ba independent thinking sa Philippines? people, grow up! I admire Karen for being brave and not just going along with the flow.

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