Dr.(?) Belo’s Wrinkled Life

March 7, 2009 § 3 Comments

Vicki, no wrinkles?

Vicki, no wrinkles?

Dr. Vicki Belo is said to be in the States. She’s on a Sabbatical. After that disastrous Hayden-Halili episode and that equally damaging rift with Boy Abunda and Ruffa Gutierrez, Vicki Belo’s world is starting to crumble.

Probably, Vicki thought that no medical procedure can ever repair these wrinkles in her relationships with other people.  And the only way left is for her to just…go. Go somewhere, anywhere, away from the noise, the hustle and jostle, and the bustfuls of frustrations.

It pays to be beautiful, or so they say. In Vicki’s case, the sad part of being a beautymaker is being always in the limelight and being always the target of intrigues and malicious gossips.

As they say, sticky substances always attract flies.

All of these though are nothing compared with the civil and criminal suit filed by a former Belo patient who claims to have been made a wreck by the supposed beautymaker.

The woman, a physician herself, filed a case before the Makati courts, claiming that Belo and another doctor at the Vicki Belo Clinic scarred her face for life. She’s asking for damages and reparations. She thought that Belo would erase those wrinkles; instead, all she got were scars.

Maybe Belo and her associate did the procedure after she learned about Hayden’s indiscretions. Maybe she thought that it’s best not to ever create another beautiful creation.

Probably, that’s the true reason why she left for the States. In all likelihood though, Belo must face the music, wrinkled or not.


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