Boyet Fajardo–World Class Pinoy Designer

March 18, 2009 § 7 Comments

Boyet Fajardo World Class Filipino Fashion Designer

Boyet Fajardo World Class Filipino Fashion Designer

It started November of last year, when Filipino fashion designer Boyet Fajardo began talks with representatives in Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and The Netherlands on the possibility of them carrying his men’s lines of high quality shirts, suits, blazers and jackets. For some one who started at the age of 17 and struggled for some years before finally becoming a brand name in couture, this is an affirmation that his works are world-class. World class indeed, yet, with costs that amazes every one who sees wonderful creations at very reasonable prices.

Boyet Fajardo is one of the biggest names in the RTW business and having this chance of puncturing the global market is something that every Filipino should be proud of.

Yet, some people, probably envious of his success, tried, but failed to put him down. Fajardo is no stranger to these kinds of people. Since the 1980’s when he first started his fashion house in Quezon City, Boyet Fajardo knew that if he just keeps on moving forward, creating works that appeal not just to the senses, tastes but rather to the budget, he’ll not go wrong.

Years past, and Boyet Fajardo has become a success, a recognized icon in the RTW business. Now that he’s going global, people would definitely be envious of his success. As one of the people who know him, Boyet Fajardo just shrugs these all off, confident that, in the world where he thrives, being creative and a hard worker are things which people value and ensures you success.


§ 7 Responses to Boyet Fajardo–World Class Pinoy Designer

  • Jojo Corpuz says:

    Below are the links that will provide information about the true character of this Boyet Fajardo. He is an arrogant and discriminating jerk that the whole Filipino people shouldn’t be proud of.

  • Michael Kho says:

    Success for a Filipino! Well, it will be shortlived because of your recent scandal involving the employee and staff of Duty Free Philippines. Sad to say your attitude would not make us proud to be Filipinos. It’s all over the net now. Time will tell…

  • Joshua says:

    wtf! when i first heard this. i asked my friend WHO IS BOYET FAJARDO! my friend said d nya din kilala! well for a mananahi like him he should have just presented his ID. or baka he looked like a poor monkey that day thats why the cashier asked for his ID. hahahaha! lame gay!

    • well, joshua, I’m currently watching the alleged video. let’s not be too hasty. we were not there and i don’t want this issue to turn like that delapaz-pangandaman incident.

  • Rastafariana says:

    Actually, he was also the same guy who created a scene here in dubai duty free gold shop.When we learned about this, I just thought, Ohhh, there he goes. What happened was, the shop was so busy and he wanted to be assisted right away. So the staff told him politely to please wait till they are finish. The staff referred to him as ‘kabayan’ and that made him mad.He retorted that, unlike the staff, he is a tourist and not an OFW.He went so far as saying that he is the one enabling us OFWs to eat. You can just imagine the scene!He spoke with the manager who also happens to be a Filipina and he said that he does not want a Filipina, he wants to speak with a foreign manager.And guess what? he is requesting to have the staff fired!But then the company issued an apology but informed him that no, we are not going to fire our staff.This scandal serves him good and should teach him well…

  • juan pedro says:

    putang inang boyet fajardo yan! gago sya! eh ngayon ko nga lang narinig pangalan nya eh! gago talaga! sino ba syang gago sya?

    • Hi Juan Pedro,

      I really don’t know who this person is, whether he’s “gago” or not. My position is simple—I don’t want to judge a person hastily NOT before I weigh both sides.

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