DILG role in Nicole recantation

March 18, 2009 § 1 Comment

What’s the role played by DILG Undersecretary Marius Corpus in securing a compromise agreement between the parties of Suzette (Nicole) Nicolas, the alleged Subic rape victim, and convicted rapist Lance Corporal Daniel Smith?

Remember that last year, Corpus was sent to the US embassy to look after Smith. There were reports last year of an attempt by the US government to send Smith home.

Was Corpus visit to the US embassy one of many meetings that led to the eventual recantation of Nicole? Are those visits official negotiations between the US and Philippine governments in relation to the eventual reversal of the conviction of Smith?

If Corpus had a hand in the negotiations that led to Nicole’s trip abroad last January, then, this provides introvertible proof that there was a government-to-government involvement in Nicole’s case. And for what?

To secure the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).


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  • I initially thought the same thing comments casted by other bloggers in their blogs and in some of the blogs publishing the same topic… and I respect their voices because again I also have thought of writing the same and doubting the entire case or even the genuine intent of our government in serving genuine justice..

    Sometimes it pains me to hear about how some people can hastily judge others without having to put more time to think things over. I agree with your post that at some point, rather than having to help someone, we put them down because of our own perceptions and judgement.

    At any rate, people needs the chance to move on. Life has to go on. In this example of Nicole, we need not to ask or doubt because it is her life. Whether she waste herself waiting for justice which is not served timely in this country or she uses her remaining years to grow herself so she can forget her sad experience, that is hers to make.

    We need to let people grow and move on. That is the bottom-line! The fight is not over because we have hundreds of other NICOLE’s out there needing our help (through blogging perhaps)and… there are also hundreds of DANIEL SMITH victimized by the same wrong judgement NICOLE experiences because of problems with our judicial system and the entire government.

    Sometimes, I get to think that all this is just fine for both of them. As they say… QUITS LANG. They were both drunk. They both did it. Someone exploded the story to an exaggerated heights. Both of them were scrutinized. One was jailed literally while the other one was jailed in embarassment and shame. At the end, the truth will perhaps set them free from all the circus. Besides, as I said… QUITS LANG.


    International SAP BASIS Consultant
    SAP Practice Manager- SAP COE

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