RR Enriquez White Castle Billboard on EDSA

March 18, 2009 § 4 Comments

Bold and bolder still

Bold and bolder still

WOWOWEE host RR Enriquez’s billboard in EDSA is a stunner. I mean, not a few reacted either violently or with apropros with this. The advertiser seemed pleased, what with the additional publicity the billboard has gained since they installed that notoriously offensive billboard of the sexy star there.

Negative or positive publicity, they don’t care. For as long as they convince many drinkers to patronize their products.

But, enough with the smorgasboard. The outdoor advertisers are abusing their rights. More on this later.


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§ 4 Responses to RR Enriquez White Castle Billboard on EDSA

  • emakept says:

    hm.. thank you ))

  • john says:

    RR is a slut . The issue about her being a prostitute is true. She accepts money from older man in exchange for sex. I know this because 1 of her customer is the husband of my friend. It s so sad that their are people who would do anything just to have money. Kahit na maka sira sila ng pamilya, okay lang basta kumita ng easy money and to think she is under the network that has a tagged line of ONE KAPAMILYA. Hindi ba niya alam ang ibig sabihin nun?! She contradicts the very value her network has. Nakakahiya siya. She doesn’t deserve to be in that network. Ang dami niyang sinisirang pamilya. Para saan sa pera?? wala ba siyang konsensya?? I just hope she doesn’t stay long in this business. She is after all a cheap ass

  • yurisaira says:

    You must also blame the husband of your friend for not controlling himself and not thinking wise…he is a slut fucker and a loser…… your friend is also a bitch….

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