Boyet Fajardo Scandal

March 23, 2009 § 46 Comments

I just saw the video and I wanted to upload it here. Sadly I was’nt able to download it.

As a member of the blogging community for quite some time, even was part of the online lynching mob that castigated Pangandaman and later, wrote something about the Dela Paz, let’s not be too hasty judging the actions of this character, Boyet Fajardo.

Yes, probably he did something terribly wrong that March 13. Yes, probably, he was so arrogant and so self-indulgent at that time to have offended that Duty-Free employee.

The problem with this scandal is simply this—was any one of those who now are part of the online lynching mob there to begin with?

Yes, there was a video shot showing this gay fashion designer in front of a kneeling employee. Yes, this issue could probably provoke another national scandal such as what blogger and friend Brian Gorrel did last year against Tim Yap and Celine Lopez.

But before we hastily judge a person and destroy his character online, let me ask the blogger community to remain calm and possibly be very restrained.

That video, quite honestly, does’nt tell much.

That video, without audio, is not a piece of evidence that will stand in court. Yes, probably in the court of public opinion, and most of us would hastily judge him guilty, but we don’t exactly know the circumstances behind that despicable scene.

Before we even make something like a boycott of our fellow Filipino’s pride and work, let’s be equally judicious in our role as bloggers. Seriously, I don’t want to be caught like holding an empty bag, similarly with what happened in the DelaPaz-Pangandaman issue. That one was a classic.

Let’s hear what the other side wants to say.


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§ 46 Responses to Boyet Fajardo Scandal

  • Theat video alone tells Fajardo did more than ‘offending’ the Duty free employees. He asked an employee to kneel to him in public while that commerce representative is simply doing his job. The designer’s action was beyond arrogance and self-indulgence.

    You seem to personally know the person and seemed to be reserved about the topic. Do you think he’s willing to pay damages AND publicly apologise to the employees?

    • well, james, did you heard that Boyet actually told the employee to kneel? could you provide me with audio clips to buttress what you wrote here? by the way, I heard from the radio that he apologized already.

  • OneTamad says:

    Alright. How else could it have gone down? What rational explanation could there be for what happened?

  • StandUpForWhatIsRight says:

    There are witness and there is a video, the behavior of the designer is just unacceptable and should not be explained, tolerated, or even justified.

    Boycott his product. If life has it’s way, he should become a cashier and experience how it is to serve people!

    • Yes, the behavior is despicable and unacceptable. Yet, in a rational society such as ours, it is not good to judge a person hastily because of the say-so of another person. Hey, the person that we are hearing just happens to be the aggrieved. Of course, it’s expected of him to say things or even exaggerate the incident. The fact is—we still need to hear the other side and from there, let’s see who’s really in the right and who’s really in the wrong. Let’s be fair.

  • jack reyes says:

    please sign petitions to boycott his line and for retailers to drop his line.

    • Hi Jack!

      Before I do that, I need to hear his side first. Best to do that coz I don’t want to blame myself for the mistake of supporting an online lynch mob, Jack. For me, the minute I even notice that he’s really that arrogant and he’s really an A-hole, that will be the time that i’ll launch a campaign against Boyet Fajardo.

  • jack reyes says:

    Call me dumb but hey your blog shows up in google so people please sign petition. Action speaks louder than the audio you require.

    • Hi Jack,

      That’s my point. We need to hear what he really said before we judge. It’s easy to destroy one’s reputation, yes.But, a followup retraction, well, that’s hard.

      By the way, I’m not close to him. I just read his accomplishments and thought that he was a fine fashion designer.

  • manny pacquiao says:

    watch this video… we dont need an audio to tell us what an asshole boyet fajardo really is…we r not stupid…as they say “Actions speak louder than Words”

  • cashier says:


    The complete video shows that the accomplished Boyet Fajardo poking his index finger on the poor cashier’s face to the extent of touching it, stepped on the cashier’s face and kneeling in front of him was the grand finale.

    But anyways it’s OK. You don’t need to launch anything against Boyet Fajardo as you might blame yourself later. It was done already the past days by some group of vigilant bloggers and ABS-CBN covering the news was the result of it.

  • cashier says:

    it was the cashier’s foot that was stepped on not his face.

    Sorry my bad.

  • mobmember says:

    Eventhough, I was not there. But seeing a man with two companions allowing a boy on duty to kneel before them in public, is something to think about. That alone makes me angry.

  • mobmember says:

    The position of kneeling may be assumed for practical reasons and for reasons of social or religious custom. the kneeling position renders a person defenseless – Wikipedia

  • leah carpena says:

    excuse me, mr. fajardo, I just saw your “apology” on tv. talagang punong puno ka ng yabang. sinasabi mong pagod ka, galing ka sa long trip, di ka ba kumakain. di pa din ito pwedeng mag cover up sa kabastusan mo. hello? at ano ang sinasabi mong biktima ka din? you are truly crazy!

    • Hi Leah,

      Just a devil’s advocate here, k? You, have you ever encountered a time when you’re so stressed, so harangue and soo tired, that you just yelled at somebody without meaning it? Sige nga.

  • Goodwill to all says:

    The duty-free incident involving its employees and Boyet Fajardo should be a lesson to all those who are concerned, the customers, the employees and especially the Management of Duty-Free. Handling of incidents like this could have been avoided if employees are also well- trained of how to handle customers like Boyet Fajardo – whatever it takes from there, either by the use of diplomacy or security guards or even Police assistance to help Boyet calm down. I emphatize with the cashier/bagger but kneeling down to Boyet is really unnecessary though I can understand they are scared that time already. What a terrible experience to both parties indeed.

    Boyet is deserving also of punishment for his behavior but I don’t think resorting to boycott of his product is acceptable. I think over-punishing a talented, known and successful citizen like him is not justifiable either. Let’s not be too judgmental to others even if we feel the urge to do so. Over-reacting is can also be a punishable crime.

  • Jovie says:

    Before saying anything else and judging oneself, we need to listen first both side. Please don’t be onesided. Tell you frankly I am one of His employee for more than 6yrs, I can safely say I knew Him better than others do. Of course sometimes He easily get mad but in a right way. Maybe there’s onething that brought him on that point of getting angry. But it’s okay if my Boss got wrong. Were just human and imperfection play as part of it.

    • Hi JOvie,

      Yes. That’s my point. Everyone should not jump in the online lynching mob bandwagon just because it’s hip to do so. We must not weigh the pieces of evidence before we even crucify him for the deed.

  • niks says:

    I just saw this link, more complete video of the incident… I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I don’t need to hear what he was saying..just watching his body movements, his fingers pointing at the face of the cashier, his “pamewang” effect…these are enough.. why would that fellow kneel in front of him, for a show?? There were no cameras around, certainly no director to yell “cut!!” . Good thing I wasn’t actually there because I would have given him a piece of my mind and not just stand there without doing anything…what a SHAME!!!

    • Hi Niks,

      As a devil’s advocate, what do you do when you’re explaining things to your friend or to anyone? Di ba you also use your hands specially when you’re stressing a point? That finger pointing may just indicate that he was stressing a point. Besides, I read the affidavits of these two victims (as supplied by my media friend) and it was clear that this person was not the one who ordered that poor guy to kneel.

      Have you experienced discussing things with your friend during a spat? Di ba you also use “figurative” speeches such as ” Okey, I’ll forgive you but you jump first” yes? Will you jump? Obviously, you’ll not.

      Given these perspectives, this thing is something akin to a “he said, he said” thing, which is really open to anyone’s guess, since we were all not there in the first place.

      Just a thought.

  • Hi pinoyobserver,

    I should have believed you when you told me you were not aware of the Fajardo story. The certainty of my first comment is truly subjective. It was at the same level of certainty as we decide to believe a reporter’s story that we first watch or read, even for political identities that you blog about.

    That video was aired in TV Patrol on Monday night reported by Alex Santos as told by Duty Free Employees Assoc. while Fajardo declined his side of the story that time.

    In the past 24 hours, the designer apologised and said it was a ‘creative outburst’.

    I wish I’m wrong. My impression here is that he’s now covering his actions with a cloak of a lovely phrase. Bad as already what he did, he’s trying to lie to hide it.

  • Nope, he did NOT apologised, he simply prepared an apology according to spokesman.

  • hannibal says:


    Do you really have to be there to make a stand on this matter? Is the video footage (the one shown in TV patrol) not compelling enough to convince you of the severity of this boyet’s atrocious act? Do you honestly think that the cashier knelt on his own volition? Is pointing a finger at another person’s face one of your regular habits to make your point in an argument? Granted it was the lady who ordered the cashier to kneel, didn’t Boyet specifically state that he wanted them to kneel so he can slap their faces before he can be placated? Isn’t that statement alone tantamount to abuse and worse, use “creative outburst” and “figure of speech” to justify his meltdown?

    Lastly, how much are you getting for this?

    • hi hannibal,

      im not getting anything. It is just that, it is not in my nature to just “join the mob” and repent afterwards. It’s not good policy, yes? I want to be a responsible commenter and opinion writer guy. Read my latest post.

  • niks says:

    some things I want to clear, personally, I don’t use hands to prove a point, my parents taught me to never point a finger at somebody because one finger is also pointing back at me. Another thing, if I had a spat with a friend, (although I don’t see the co-relation of this since the designer is not friends with the cashier or any employee present) I’d focus on the topic and speak directly, don’t use figure of speech, we just say sorry to each other sincerely and all’s forgiven. It was enough for him to berate the cashier but for the person to kneel down?? He may not be the one who ordered it, but he certainly didn’t stop it either. He may be having a bad day during that painful incident, bottomline is, what he did, they all did was unexcusable.

    Just my 2-cents worth.

    • hi niks,

      my point is very simple—let’s not judge hastily. read my newest post. i was just researching pa eh about this. that’s why I’m holding out my punches.

  • mobmember says:

    It was reported that Boyet “demonyo” Fajardo demanded the store manager that he wanted the guy cashier to kneel down on him and say sorry or else he will slap the face of the poor cashier. The cashier chose to kneel down on Boyet with tears instead of having a slap on his face.

    Where did you get the testimonies that the lady cashier ordered the guy to kneel?

  • mobmember says:

    I’m angry coz of the way that Boyet “demonyo” Fajardo treated the guy cashier. He discriminate a minimum paid working cashier guy on duty. Don’t tell me about Boyet “demonyo” Fajardo talent and knowledge. Eventhough he has the talent and everything that doesn’t mean he has the right to discrimate others.

    • yes, I know. me too, am angry. that mobmember is the core issue. and yes, if you’re a talented person, the more you should be discriminating and fully conscious of your acts.

  • mobmember says:


    If Talented and powerful Fajardo get through these without any legal punishment, sigurado mauulit pa yan at baka tularan pa ng iba.

  • karlokoy says:

    Hey Boyet!! Who do you think you are ah? You !@#$ son of a !@#$!!! Your’e a big mistake by your father. you freaking faggot!!! Watch your back

  • niks says:

    hi pinoyobserver..yeah, i get your point, I’m not judging the designer’s entire being either, I was just reacting negatively against his gestures/actions on the videos that I’ve seen. I’m reacting to that very moment, no more no less. Don’t worry, I’m not a mob lyncher, and I don’t agree on boycotting his labels because that’s just wandering away from the real issue. Just giving my thoughts when I see something that for me, isn’t right or just. What you’re doing is responsible, actually..reminding us your readers to keep an open mind, but what other people’s opinions are theirs, so to speak. Had the designer chose in that instant to be the bigger (no pun intended) and better person among all of them because he’s the one who’s got a name and businesses to protect, and a reputation to uphold, I believe the ripple effects could’ve been avoided. Thank you, again my 2-cents.

    • Hi niks,

      Gets ko kapatid. Yes, you’re right. He must be more responsible, since he claims to be a “celebrity”. But, some people, especially those who just recently got such successes in life, they are still arrogant. Thanks for reading and understanding where I’m coming from.

  • rodel says:

    we’ve seen a lot from the actual video and from his plead on not to judge him because he’s also a victim..

    but i think abscbn and gma’s are conflicting – he’s not sincere in asking apology, he doesnt even know whats the real name of the guy who kneels in front of him. hernandez or fernandez ba. WTF!

    • hi rodel,

      well…we really can’t say if he’s insincere or not…only God knows what’s in the hearts of men…one thing for sure though….I think it was Foucault who said that men’s hearts are full of lies. or something to that effect.

  • The problem with his ‘sorry’ is that he’s sorry not because he did something wrong to someone but because it’s affecting his public image. It reminds me of the Pangandaman’s after the brawl. Signs of insincerity is all over. He’s aggressive; to say sorry indirected, he used 5% of his airtime to say sorry and more than 95% of them to defend his actions; not admitting that he simply did awfuly wrong but hides behind a misused definition of ‘creative outburst’.

    One point I like to add. Many others might have done the same bad thing and probably worse. But since he was caught in video and it offended us collectively as a Filipino community, I think it’s right to apologise to public as well. I always thought we belong in a forgiving society when sincerity is felt.

    • Hi James,

      Yes, you’re right. But the most substantial thing that pretty much resulted to this incident is this (for me): a study of our outrage meter. What triggered people to just rise up and be angry against this? We are not acting the same way against this government. We have’nt acted the same way protesting about Joc-Joc Bolante, the legacy issue and other more distressing and more serious crimes against us. We are being bullied by these personalities and officials, much the same way as this unknown fashion designer did to that cashier; yet we find it extremely normal not to react so harshly.

  • Johnsy says:

    We support the sentiments against Mr. Fajardo and his products.

    Just to clarify however, there is another SUBSTANCE brand name (Singaporean brand – sells shoes, bags and accessories at Rustans Makati, Rustans Shangri-La, Rustans Alabang, Podium and Trinoma). This is different from Mr. Fajardo’s brand. We are NOT connected with Mr. Fajardo in any way. We have the rights registered for the name SUBSTANCE but Mr. Fajardo is also using it… A pending case is being filed against him.

    Thank you for allowing us this clarification.

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