Boyet Fajardo: The Scandalous Flipside

March 24, 2009 § 22 Comments

Boyet Fajardo Scandal Pics

Boyet Fajardo Scandal Pics

Before I join those people who want to crucify Boyet Fajardo for his alleged anomalous or scandalous acts against two Duty-Free employees, just like before, I want to weigh all the pieces of evidence before I jump into conclusions.

Let me first ask if there was indeed, a crime committed by this Boyet Fajardo. From what I read in the blogs and what I saw on television, Boyet Fajardo may have offended the feelings of these two poor persons. Indeed, he might have burst into what the spokesperson called “creative outbursts” because he was tired and harassed.

However, he might be exonerated from this by invoking what in law is termed “justifying circumstance”.  Boyet Fajardo might have felt harassed too by the two employees of Duty-Free Philippines.

Consider this—according to the report of Sandra Aguinaldo of GMA Channel 7, Boyet Fajardo managed to buy three items using the same credit card in other counters prior to the incident. Based on that report, the cashiers of the earlier counters accepted his identification cards and his purchases.

When the cashier saw that Boyet Fajardo is a physically disabled guy, the video saw them nudging each other. Then, that incident happened. IT was only in that Cashier/Counter No. 5 that Boyet Fajardo was not allowed to purchase anything at all just because of his disability.

My dear readers,

Tell me if I’m wrong or not—could you tell me of any instance where anyone, just anyone, did not blow his top when a person judge him for his disability?

Will anyone please stand up and confidently tell me that there’s no instance where you actually did not lose your temper?

As Jesus Christ said, ” those who have no sin, let him cast the first stone.”

There was also a violation of Boyet Fajardo’s rights as a person. That’s the scandalous flipside.


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§ 22 Responses to Boyet Fajardo: The Scandalous Flipside

  • Disgruntled Pinoy says:

    I’ve had numerous credit card transactions before, with varying experiences from simply swiping and signing the receipt to giving out numerous identifications to confirm my identity.

    Had Mr Fajardo just heeded to the cashier’s request without making any incident, then I don’t think we don’t have any issues to talk about.

    Let me comment on this: Tell me if I’m wrong or not—could you tell me of any instance where anyone, just anyone, did not blow his top when a person judge him for his disability?

    If indeed Mr Fajardo has any “disability” (emphasis on the quotes), the moment he “blew his top” doesn’t make him a better person than the one who passed “judgment” on his “disability”.

    At the end of the day, this is all just about Mr Fajardo’s ego being slighted by the cashier’s actions (for whatever is worth is only for Mr Fajardo’s BEST interests) and NO excuse, “justifying circumstances”, “disability” or otherwise can anyone say to justify Mr Fajardo’s actions on that fateful day.

    • hi disgruntled pinoy,

      agree. this is entirely unacceptable and not a Justifying circumstance. all I wanted to say is very simple—let’s not crucify him simply because other people wanted him crucify. let’s crucify somebody worthy of that punishment. after researching, and studying all the facts, i’ve just arrived at the conclusion—HE DESERVES WHAT IS HAPPENING TO HIM.

  • Renegade says:

    With all respect to the person who posted this side, it does not make any sense. I do not understand why the cashiers won’t allow him to pay just because he is disabled. The “nudging” might have meant that they just agreed on the additional checks coz the other side of the story said that “his card was unsigned”.
    His actions cannot be justified given that situation (unless of course he is a complete retard). To make such fuzz in publick is unthinkable.
    His so called “fame” in his own universe got to his head to soon. I hope in the end this lowly guy gets what he deserves.

  • karlokoy says:

    Hey Boyet!! Who do you think you are ah? You motherfucker son of a bitch!!! Your’e a big mistake by your father. you freaking faggot!!! Watch your back

  • paula says:

    is he disabled?how did you know?is that an excuse for harassing the employees? if you watched the video carefully even if you cannot hear the audio you will know what has been going on in that. a lot of people who witnessed the incident blogged about it.

  • Brother_manok says:


    “those who have no sin, let him cast the first stone”

    “Boyet Fajardo has a disability and he was laughed at”

    – I really like you spin on these two.

    But did you know that Jesus Christ is first and foremost saviour of the world and strongly for social justice that is why he is living among the poor during his time here on earth?

    What is happening now with Boyet Fajardo is the rendering of justice by someone special from above.

    Godbless you.

  • gil says:

    Yes we all will not throw stones at him…

    And instead we will not buy his famous designs anymore!

    Now you’re famous designs will more known to society Mr. Boyet Fajardo..

  • anti barney says:


  • Paradigm says:

    Good luck on the hits on your Advertisements, hopefully boyet fajardo can compensate you for defending his dignity, but man, whatever the cashier did, if boyet has disablity, anyone in his right mind knows that making someone kneel in front of you to ask for forgiveness in a public place in fron of a CCTV camera is outrageously wrong, does this guy even reached high school for him not to know that his act is unacceptable? and please don try to justify anything! youll just end up as his bitch online… would you be fajardo’s bitch?

    • hey paradigm,

      please research first before you burst your mouth. based on the affidavit of one of the victims, it was the lady cashier who made the employee kneel, not fajardo’s. You are blinded by your prejudices.

      you’re just being Boyet Fajardo….you resort to ad hominem attacks, even name calling, just because of the frailty of your reasoning. You are a bitch of somebody’s bitch.

      as I said, I don’t want to join the bandwagon just because it’s hip. Better for me to study this first, before I blast my mouth off like you did.

  • truthordare says:

    even if it was the lady cashier that made fernandez kneel, if fajardo was a decent person he would not have allowed it to happen.
    and if he had just complied with the request to show another id then fajardo would have still had a clean name. just goes to show what happens if you think you are above everyone else.
    also, what proof is there that the nudging meant discrimination? unless one has iron-clad proof, that cannot be used as evidence either. in this case words & actions speak louder than “nudges”.
    i do admire your trying to look at it from another perspective but i think that it is a lost cause.

  • obama clinton says:

    obviously the author of this article is a friend of boyet’s or boyet himself!!!! pathetic guy. “boyet, you are such a loser!”

    • Hi Obama,

      Well, I’m not friends with him. I’m just telling you the truth—THE MORE WE TALK ABOUT HIM, MAS LALO SIYANG SISIKAT. BOYCOTT HIM, NOT ONLY HIS PRODUCTS.

  • TronyInnora says:

    pretty nice side..
    check also geile huren


  • Kirhat says:

    I was really surprised by the new twist you are trying to imply in this new post. I’m not sure if you really believed this or you are just trying to incite your readers to post their views here. I respect the other points you raised in your other topics because they have a sense of logic, but this article justifying Fajardo’s behavior is just over-the-top. I’m sorry to be blunt about this, but this is one of the most irrational analysis I have read in a long time. Even the immature spammers of will abhor this justification. Just my two cents.


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