Boyet Fajardo Scandal & Why People Find it Despicable

March 25, 2009 § 32 Comments

First, let me put everything in perspective.

The Facts

This so-called “scandalous” incident started when an unknown fashion designer name Boyet Fajardo went to Duty-Free Philippines to buy chocolates. He just came from China and reportedly wanted to buy pasalubong for his staff.

According to him, he was tired and stressed out. After disembarkation, he went straight to Duty-Free. In an interview with the now-controversial Fajardo, Alex Santos of TV Patrol found out that Fajardo managed to buy at least three items in three counters. On all those purchases, he presented his Philippine passport.

On the last counter, Counter 5, this is where Fajardo encountered some problems. Based on his interview with some TV reporters whom I know, Fajardo claimed to have seen Susan Gonzales, the duty cashier nudge Marvin Fernandez, the new assistant. Fajardo claims that Gonzales nudged Fernandez when they saw his disabled left arm (according to an editor friend, Fajardo has a limp. He can’t use his left arm since its shorter than his right and he can’t move it).

Fajardo approached Counter 5 and presented his unsigned Equitable Mastercard gold card (This is according to reporters who interviewed Fajardo).

Fernandez, who’s new in the job, asked Fajardo if he can show any form of identification. As the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) at DFP, Fernandez was just doing his job. He’s still three months on the job yet, according to reports, Fernandez is known for his honesty and a stickler to the rules. In fact, Fernandez is a member of a religious group known for their honesty and integrity.

Anyway, as what is expected from him, Fajardo showed his passport. Fernandez noticed that the passport did not bear Fajardo’s signature. In old passports, your signature just happens to be at the back flap. In Fajardo’s case,  a US Visa was plastered on the old flap.

Since both the passport and the credit card which Fajardo presented bore no signature, as what the SOP is, Fernandez asked for other forms of ID.

Fajardo, at this point, went ballistic. The gay fashion designer claimed that the other counters found nothing wrong with his passport. Why is he now suddenly being asked for it?

Fernandez calmly told him that it is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for him to ask the customer some form of identification. Yet, according to reports, Fajardo just berated the poor guy.

It was at that point that Susan Gonzales supported her colleague against Fajardo. When Fajardo was castigating the two employees, the duty sales manager approached them. Fajardo requested that he be given the chance to explain his side. He asked for a place where they can sort things out.

Yet, instead of asking the parties to cool down and go to another place to calm the situation, the manager just asked Fernandez to kneel down before Fajardo, ” to end this thing once and for all, just do what the customer (Fajardo) wants”.

Now, you’ll ask—was’nt Fajardo who asked (or ordered Fernandez) to kneel before him? Again, basing on reports, Fajardo claims that it was the manager who actually told Fernandez to do the unthinkable.

For me, whoever ordered this despicable thing is irrelevant. If, Fajardo’s claims are true, that it was not him, then probably the reason why the manager suggested such a thing to Fernandez is because Fajardo was bullying them.

Fajardo, as what witnesses say, was shouting invectives and asserting himself. He was dropping off names of influential people left and right, just like that scene involving an ABS-CBN reporter who was mauled by a Congressional staff member.

Anyway, there is reason to believe that Fajardo’s suggestions (” I will never forgive you if you’ll not kneel down before me”–paraphrased already in English) were misinterpreted because Fajardo himself  continued on bullying these poor employees. Though the suggestion was rightly viewed by Mr. Fajardo’s spokesperson as ” creative outburst”, yet, it led to this highly contemptuous act which we now saw on the video clip.

The Fault

What’s now the fault of Fajardo? Though I believe Fajardo did’nt mean to commit a crime, yet, he can be sued for oral defamation since the two victims claimed that he cussed and made names (” you pig! or something to that effect).

Will Fajardo be jailed for it? Yes. In the Revised Penal Code, oral defamation carries a penalty of imprisonment.

Now, who’s fault is it?

Obviously, if you look at all angles, it was plain and simple bullying. Fajardo bullied the poor DFP employee Marvin Fernandez. Fajardo tried to harass, bull and he wanted to really humiliate Fernandez. Fernandez, for those who don’t know, is a homosexual.

Being new in the job (he’s not a regular member of the union of Duty-Free Philippines and just started three months ago), Fernandez is as vulnerable as anybody in that situation. The fact that Fajardo was name dropping (according to accounts, Fajardo even name dropped the name of the head of DFP, Formoso) caused Fernandez to quake in fear. Fajardo exploited the situation by bullying the duty manager, who, probably thought that “customers are always right” and ordered her staff to do the horrific act.

The Lesson

The lesson here is simple—some customers are NOT always right. Customers who think of themselves as members of the elite think they deserve special or extra special treatment. They don’t.

In fact, those who are celebrities or they think they’re popular (like what this Fajardo thinks of himself) is expected to behave more civilly than others. Public celebrities are expected by the people to be role models. They are NOT expected to behave like savages or “lords”.

Boyet Fajardo should always be reminded of his roots. Fajardo claims that he was once a cashier. That’s the reason, says one reporter friend, why he claims to empathize with Fernandez (apart from of course, the most obvious–they’re both gays).

Mr. Fajardo should also be reminded that all the riches in the world can’t buy you humanity. You can’t buy decency and right conduct. You obviously cannot buy respect. You simply don’t.

Respect, like any other thing in this world, is earned. And you earn it, not because you’re rich or you’re a “celebrated fashion designer” as you so claim, but because people genuinely love you.

When you’re truly loved, you’re truly respected. And when you’re respected, that’s the time that you become popular. And when you’re now popular, that’s the time that you should be more responsible. And when you’re more responsible, that’s the time that people think highly of you as a celebrity.

IN this case, Mr. Fajardo, you’re not loved. You’re hated. Because you failed to earn respect. When you lack respect, you’re simply unpopular. And when you’re unpopular, you simply are not responsible. And when you’re not responsible for anything, reality strikes you like a thunderbolt.

You are not a celebrity, Mr. Fajardo. You’re simply a flash in the pan. Some people call you now a douchebag. Yet, what I can say is, you’re simply a cause celebre.  Or probably a monstrosity.


For Mr. Fajardo, leave this place. Go to a place where passports are simply recognized as an important document.

For Mr. Fernandez, continue the fight. You are a very good employee. Continue to be honest. Yet, I also suggest that you forgive Boyet. Afterwards, sue him.

For union president Dennis Mallari—I just got this information that you’re just using this incident as your political vehicle. Don’t. People, especially reporters and journalists, are hot on your trail. Don’t exploit Mr. Fernandez.

And for all customers of Duty Free Philippines—-next time, try to behave properly. Think that no one sees you but God? Look again. There’s a camera out there. And YouTube is just a click of a finger.


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§ 32 Responses to Boyet Fajardo Scandal & Why People Find it Despicable

  • Joel Santiago says:

    Who is Boyet Fajardo? Sikat ba siya?

    I know only these truly ‘sikat’ FD like Pitoy Moreno, Frederick Peralta, Rajo Laurel, Inno Sotto, Randy Ortiz

  • alaehwalandyo says:

    “For Mr. Fajardo, leave this place. Go to a place where passports are simply recognized as an important document.”

    Kung walang pirma ang passport mo, kahit saang lupalop na bansa ka magpunta, wala pa ring bisa yan. LOLZ.

  • niks says:

    what a well-constructed article, very well-done indeed. This unfortunate incident only shows once again that we, Pinoys still have to work on some of the deeply-rooted and horrendous of our social diseases. Whenever I come home for a vacation, sadly, I see lots of Pinoys acting arrogantly as if they owned the world. For me, it doesn’t matter if you’re the president’s son or daughter, if you’re wearing all the blings in the world and morbidly screaming designer brands from head to foot but when you don’t have even the basic manners, you’re nada. Respect begets respect. No matter how hard a person tries to appear as having some, what they lack of will always come out naturally.
    Have yourself a good afternoon!

  • PinoyObserver says:

    Hi Niks!

    Thanks Niks! Ah, now that we already talked about this scandal, let’s move on to other more pertinent and more substantial issues happening around the world.

    the more we write about Boyet Fajardo, the more we help him in his business. It’s time to end this.

  • roberto cumbe says:

    Mr fajardo GO TO HELL bring your passport with you, if satan see it without signature sorry theres nowhere to go for you!!!! GET LOST COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wawam says:

    boyet fajardo asked forgiveness from the wrong person! he did not even know the real name of the person he abused.

    • HI wawam,

      I don’t understand…boyet fajardo asked forgiveness from the wrong person? what do you mean? it was clear in the TV interviews that he knew Marvin’s name.

  • niks says:

    you bet, like what Tim Gunn’s famous line in Project Runway, “carry on, carry on”…looking forward to your next post…

  • d_blue_guy20 says:

    I think, Boyet Fajardo’s act was unacceptable! He humiliated a person who was simply doing his noble job! I hope this would not happen to him… We are not perfect, I understand, however, to act as if you are god, that is no longer humane… It wouldn’t take a genius or scholar to know what is right and wrong-that is human nature… He can’t reasoned out that he was just tired… I believe that even we are tired, we are still capable of thinking… We don’t lose our moral values because we are exhausted.. It was just his alibi… Common Mr. Fashion Designer, act like a man… Face your mistakes… As you know in fashion, “one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out!”

    And to Mr Fernandez and the rest of the Duty Free Employees, this will not be you battle alone… All of us are with you… May God bless you!!!!


  • Papichulo168 says:

    “First, let me put everything in perspective.

    The Facts:”

    And how did they become “The Facts”?

    Because you said so?

    • Hi Papichulo168,

      I hate to say it, but YES. They are facts because that’s what happened, based on testimonies.

    • Hi Papichulo168,

      well…that’s the result of my probe. i’ve asked some people around and that’s what I got. That’s why it’s called “facts”. NOt because I said so. But because those in the know told me these facts.

  • carlo angelo says:

    Will Fajardo be jailed for it? Yes.

    Oh Shit! Good Luck to him! May he find peace of mind in that place 🙂

    Respect, like any other thing in this world, is earned.

    I agree. It takes thousands of days to build your name but takes only a second to destroy it. We are all responsible in all of our actions.

  • thinkingaloud says:

    I hope you all find it in your hearts to forgive this…this…what’s this freakazoid’s name again? You see, he’s probably just so used to kneeling himself that, for a change, he asked the other guy to kneel this time.

    • Hi thinkingaloud,
      well…you’re not the first one to think about that kneeling thing. however, let me just moderate this and say that let’s not think beyond the obvious or the facts. i mean, come on! their sexual preferences are not the issue here.

  • J18 says:

    i don’t understand why you have to say “The gay fashion designer…”. Does his preference for men over women has something to do with his stupidity?

    You also said: “…is a member of a religious group known for their honesty and integrity.”..that does not mean anything.

    boyet fajardo was being an ass. i think you can write better.

    • Hi J18,

      Well…he is a gay fashion designer right? And of course, there’s no link between what he did with his gender preference. It just to highlight that assertion made by him that “both him (Boyet) and Marvin (the victim)” were victims of this incident.

      About the religious group, I am wont to identify them because I don’t want to. It’s as simple as that.

      And when you’re writing about an “ass”, it’s better to be on the safe side. You know, I don’t want to be hollered at and cussed by an “ass”.

  • ta says:

    It seems Mr Boyet Fajardo LACKS GOOD MANNERS .To be abusive and arrogant to a fellow human being is not acceptable.Maybe he should go back to grade school where tthey teach good manners
    and right conduct.Every human being deserves to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of socioeconomic status.And to
    you Mr Fajardo try a dose of humility and be generous in spreading it around so you can redeem yourself.It is beautiful to be gracious,kind
    and compassonate.Make sure the buyers of your clothing line does
    not get the wind about it,they might drop you like a hot cake.

    • Hi Ta,

      Let’s IGNORE HIM AND HIS PRODUCTS. That is the most rational thing to do. Bakit tayo maiinis? Kailangan ni Marvin ng justice, hindi lang inis. BUt thanks for your comment.

  • alaehwalandyo says:



    The US visa was stamped on the passport bearer’s signature page? If what you are saying is a FACT then the US visa must be stamped not on the passport pages but at the BACK OF THE PASSPORT COVERS! hahaha!

  • Bespin says:

    he wont go to jail as some of you may think, his case is probationable.

    but reviewing the statements made and the video, there is a high probabality that he will be convicted.
    Lest our fixcals think otherwise..Plus i see his counter manifestations as mere
    aftertoughts to save his ass.

    hopefully this would reach the courts to teach him a thing or two in human relations..

    • HI Bespin,

      well…i think a crime of oral defamation was indeed, committed. with the way this case unfolded, no fixcal or fiscal will ever reach a conclusion other than what we, the People think.

  • gerald says:

    Mga kapatid open na yung site ni boyet fajardo.huwag nating hayaan na akala nya nakalimutan na natin yung ginawa nyang kabastusan.leave a message on his site..

  • d_blue_guy20 says:

    Hi guys! Is there any updates about this issue? 🙂

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