Dingdong and Rachel back together?

March 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

Read RickyLo today. He published Girlie Rodis’ statement on the supposed Dingdong-Rachel dangerous liaisons. She said there is really nothing going on between Dingdong and Rachel, former lovers, now close friends and musical collaborators. And I believe her.

Rachel Alejandro back to ex BF? crap!

Rachel Alejandro back to ex BF? crap!

Though Dingdong is NOT happy with the way things are going in his marital relationship with the former Jessa Zaragoza, sources say, Dingdong’s parents want them back together. For a while, they split and since yesterday, reports say, the couple has now reconciled. But, what was the marital misunderstanding all about?

Some malicious gossipers say, Dingdong reportedly had a “romantic liaison” with another woman. That is unbelievable. Dingdong, as some of his friends know him, has decisively ended his gallivanting days. He’s now a family man and a committed one at that.

Yes, when he was a bachelor, he’s one of the most desirable guys around. Just look at the roster of beautiful girls who were linked with him.

Dingdong also has a child already and knowing guys (I’m a guy and a married one at that), they’ll think twice.

Yet, who’s the other woman?

Some say its Ruffa Mae Quinto, which is, again, unbelievable since Quinto has a foreigner boytoy now. Others surmise its Rachel, which, is not true. This Dingdong-Rachel thing is just a showbiz gimmick, a publicity stunt meant to arouse the interests of the concert-going public.

Now, on the flipside,

Will their respective handlers please admit to the public that this is just a publicity stunt? That it’s part of their promotional strategy for Dingdong-Rachel concerts? And that Dingdong is again saving up for another run in QC?


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