March 26, 2009 § 6 Comments

Who is this Senator of the Land who reportedly paid 300,000 pesos just to have sex with a young star from a Television network?

As reported by one of the legislative staff of the Senator, the incident happened a few weeks ago. Allegedly, this comely Senator had sex with the star in an exclusive hotel for two days.  The hotel is in Makati City.

Now, comes the penultimate question—who is this pretty, young and sexy little thing that the Senator made as his sex toy for two days?

This pretty young and sexy little thing is being packaged by her network as a purely decent and virginal actress. She started young and had some success in the field. She’s sweet on cam but reportely voracious in bed.

She’s considered as one of the hottest stars around. Hottest because of her beautiful face, with a matching sexy body to boot. Her face is quite virginal and she’s being lusted by many because from her days as a child star, many people already said that she’ll be one of the country’s “hottest” (see Hottest Filipina on this site).

The alleged sexual encounter was arranged by the manager of the star and the member of the Senator’s legislative staff. According to reports, the pretty young and sexy star agreed. Reportedly, the star also had a “secret crush” with the senator. The senator is said to have a prowess like Dolphy’s.

Going back to my earlier question….who is this senator again? Who is this senator who paid 300,000 just to make love to this pretty young and sweet and sexy star for two glorious nights in one of the posh hotels in the country?

Do you want clues? He’s quite a charmer and reportedly is one hell of a senator who works his butt off. He’s a hard worker, bright and charming, according to his wife.


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  • biasedobserver says:

    Is this what you call wag the dog?

  • Suresh says:

    I gues it’s Sen. Bong Revilla and Angelica Panganiban (guess only nothing to do with it) heheheh

  • Leslie says:

    He could find 1000’s of willing girls for 300K. But I’m shocked any girl with such a good career would be interested.

    I just can’t understand why a Senator would take a risk with someone high profile, when he could have had many opportunities that would have stayed silent.

    • beefcola says:

      come to think of it, if bong is really the senator mention in this blind item he would pick a girl that with same status (i’m referring to actor and actress status) so both side will hide the incident because if they didn’t the scandal is for both of them. Let say bong pick low profile girl, there’s a tendency of leeching for money in a long run.

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