Boyet Fajardo Scandal: Learnings from a Bully

March 27, 2009 § 50 Comments

I was wont to write another piece on this Boyet Fajardo scandal simply because I really don’t want to prolong the agony of a fellow brother, Marvin Fernandez and I realized that the more we write about this, the more popular this unknown “jerk” becomes.

Seriously, we are feeding unto his ego when we talk about him. The best that we can do at this point–and i mean this very seriously–is for us to express our galit (anger) by ignoring him. Yes, we need to ignore him. But NOT his actions. Never. There must be justice here eventually.

BUT the most damning and the most hurtful thing especially for a person like him who happens to earn through his brand is simply for people to JUST IGNORE him and never to mention his name. If my readers would allow me to say this, let’s just describe him as ” The UnNamed One“.

The more we mention his name, the more popular he becomes.

Now, what have we learned from this scandal?

1. People are really biased. They form opinions based on their observations more than anything. For example, there are insidious talk about Fajardo’s gender preference as a probable explanation or cause of his actions. That, for me, is below the belt.

This person’s gender preference has nothing to do with his actions. I have many gay friends who are not like him. They are intelligent, articulate, creative and very humble with their accomplishments.

One primary example of such a person is Ricky Reyes. He’s very humble. He’s known everywhere yet nothing damning nor any derogatory reports about him.

Another one is Manny Pangilinan, head honcho of PLDT. He’s gay. Yet, look at how people respect him.

Bad people are bad just because their nature are like that. People say they’re bad because of the way they treated other people. Research says men are more violent than women. So, is domestic violence justified just because men, by nature, according to reseach, are violent-prone?

2. Wealth has nothing to do with manners. Good manners and right conduct are things which we learn from our parents. I have many influential and rich friends who are not arrogant. They don’t use their influence and they obviously don’t think of “poor” people as unequal or bereft of respect.

In fact, the richer one becomes, the more sympathetic you should be to those who are left behind the opportunity totem pole.

3. Filipinos look into the heart, not on the words. That’s the thing about us. This UNnamed One apologized already infront of national television. Yet, we are wont to forgive him because we think he’s insincere.

For me, that’s the most admirable trait about us, Filipinos. We know how to analyze and look into one’s heart. However, closer study would reveal that this trait is both harmful and good.

Good in the sense, that we are’nt easily misled by what we see. Harmful because we are not pychologists or sociologists to know what’s the level of insincerity or sincerity that a person must have for us to accept such an apology.

I remember how Gloria Arroyo apologized for that Garci scandal. Despite those puppy eyes and those kitten looks, everybody thinks she’s guilty. Yet, the anger stopped at that. We, obviously, did’nt go to the extent of demanding justice; unlike in this case, where everybody demanded that this UnNamed One be crucified, jailed, and cussed. Gloria and this UNNAMED ONE both did the same thing—they bullied us around, they used whatever influence they have and they abused whatever trust and popularity. Un equal treatment or view of justice?

4. Filipinos have a fairly judicious side. When we saw the video, we immediately said that there’s injustice here. Probably because many of us identified with the condition of Marvin and we, at one point in our lives, encountered such contemptuous behavior.

The good thing is, Marvin became a rallying point; an obvious representative of the oppressed and as such, merits our collective response. I must say that this scandal should be a learning to everyone that we must act with promptness when we see oppression happening right before our very eyes. That, every bit or semblance of oppression should never be glossed over or pass on simply because the oppressor is mighty, is rich, is influential or claims to be popular.

Filipinos still has a sense of what’s right and what’s terribly wrong; but we need to apply this lesson in every circumstance and in every aspect of our lives.

We must simply act when we are oppressed. We must act to correct a wrong immediately. We must always think that injustice, in all its forms, should be addressed with dispatch.

5. Every Filipino are being bullied. By being angry with this UNNAMED ONE, we proved to the world that we still have the temerity to stand up against bullies. This UNNAMED ONE is definitely a bully. Bullying in school, in the workplace and everywhere SHOULD STOP. And the power to do so rests in the hands of the People.

We are being bullied by this government in the form of economic sabotage. Graft and corruption is a form of sabotage. People in government rob us of our monies and is therefore, sabotaging our economic growth.

We are being bullied by this government by forcing us to pay exorbitant taxes, like VAT. VAT oppresses the poor. We pay more taxes than the rich.

We are being bullied by this government when they try to ram constitutional changes right before our very eyes. People in government want to change how we live and how we view things simply because they want to extend their evil rule in this country.

And lastly, we are being bullied because we wallow in poverty and oppression when they, our public servants, enjoy the trappings of power and wealth. Our inherent right is to live decently. It is our right to enjoy good service since we are all taxpayers. Yet, the reality is we are being bullied into submission and denied our right to good service.

Let us join hands and stop this bullying. Bullies, like this UNNAMED ONE, should be meted with the People’s Justice.


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§ 50 Responses to Boyet Fajardo Scandal: Learnings from a Bully

  • notscarednews says:

    I have to make it public. It’s suppose to be secret, however most people in Austin, Tx knows about it. The police department has machine that can read your mind. This machine can also change the way you feel. Causing you to feel fear and paranoia , sexual impulses (which allows the user of the machine to take advantage of you), anger, and paranoia, basically any emotions can be prompted so you will be manipulated behave and think a certain way. Its a new way of brainwashing people. One incident is means when they let someone cause a girl to have a false feeling of liking someone. That man eventually took advantage and raped the girl without her knowledge, and thinking that she wanted to have sex with the person. This is just like rape. This is just one crime they commit with this machine. A machine that can read someone’s mind will be used to violate everyones civil rights. Ideas and secrets about companies will be stolen by their competition with ease. People will be spied on in there homes, without a warrant or reason. This means someone will always be able to watch you in your OWN home (even during intimacy) without your knowledge or consent. There are a lot of people all over the United States knowing about this machine and the police department being able to use it. Another incident in Austin, TX and Arlington, TX is when the police department allowed Gansters from Arlington harassed and violates someone’s rights because they knew a parole from the Austin police department. Start thinking about how the government has given the police department a weapon to commit not only one of the biggest civil rights violations of all time, but to commit war crimes such as rape and interrogation without the knowledge of the victim. I know it is hard to believe however if you know someone in the police department that cares for you enough to protect you, just ask if they have this machine that can manipulate you and read your mind. After that, I would also like people to think about how we are able to get the government to stop violating its own citizen’s civil rights and committing war crimes against their own citizens.

  • slumdog millionair says:

    this has got to be the most hypocritical and most bigoted entry i’ve ever read. just wow!

    • hI Slumdog,

      Well, it’s your right to HATE and FEEL HATRED. Try to move on. However, like what I said in my entry, LET JUSTICE FALL TO HIM AND OTHERS LIKE HIM.

      The struggle against human rights violations should CONTINUE. However, let’s IGNORE HIM since HE’S GETTING ALL THE PUBLICITY. Gets mo?

  • zeethemoon says:

    I agree with this blog post, people should stop and ignore him otherwise this will create popularity and then soon the “outburst will be forgotten.

    I hate it when people like BOYET do stuff like that. Cruelty against one another is not a good sign and it is really getting into my nerves. Having a good life by being a well known designer locally -( i don’t even know him until i saw my friendster bulletine) doesn’t mean that you have any authority and right whatsoever to manipulate people and look/treat them as less superior as you are. Where did you morals go? baka naman wala ka talgang moral just by looking at you. Karma may come or not but this one really would take you to hell MR. BOYET FAJARDO. so thick faced pati ba naman yung paluhurin mo sa harap mo to apolgize gagawin mo. YOU ARE NOT GOD and even saints won’t ask anyone to bow in front of them. SHAMLESS creatures like you should rot not only in jail for violating human rights but also in hell. how can one sleep at night knowing he is on NATIONAL NEWS for cruelty and for being a self-absorbed ASSHOLE?!

  • Nino says:

    Hi, pinoyobserver, I think your blog is great and is very informative…. I’m a college student here in the US, me and sum friends are trying to start a magazine that is geared towards the filipino community here in the states…We are browsing around and looking for some bloggers who are willing to write topics and stories that we can publish in the magazine…its a great way to publicize yourself and your blog…..please e-mail me back if your interested, Thank You…

  • develwearsprada says:

    I tend to agree with slumdog’s comment. Although we are bith in agreement that Fajardo’s behavious shoul dbe condemned, personally I think there is something wrong with the tone of this blog,

    Calling him by an alias and not calling him by his name, will not necessarily do more damage to Fajardo nor contribute to his “popularity”. For one, the news is already out there, everyone is talking about it. Unless you live under a rock, most of us have heard of the “creative out burst” incident and have watched in disbelief the video.

    The truth of the matter is, by talking about him, we have done him a big disservice, since he became infamous for this lack of breeding and manners, and insincere apology.

    The incident happened in 13 March but he only apoligized almost a couple of weeks after. If we didn’t talk about this incident and didn’t become a viral video and email, would his arrogance be ever exposed?

    BTW, this made me laugh actually when you said “…pychologists or sociologists to know what’s the level of insincerity or sincerity that a person”. If we need to use psychologists and sociologists to know the level of insincerity of a person, then we are all doomed. Do not discount the ability of each person, since all of us have an inherent ability to know what is sincere and what is not. It does not take an expert to know that those were crocodile tears when Fajardo apologized.

    I just have a question in my mind about your intention in writing these blog entries. I am glad that you have made these list of things you have learned from that incident. You call him now the “unpopular jerk”. But a few blogs below you had this blog entry ( extolling to high heavens how great a designer he is, even saying he is one of the biggest names in RTW ..someone Filipinos should be proud of…

    You even have a line which says ” As one of the people who know him…”, so all this time you personally know this “unpopular jerk”

    I understand why you seem to be disassociating youself from Fajardo, and I can’t blame you for doing that.

    As they say in fashion, one day you are in, the next day you are out. I bet Fajardo isn’t in your friend’s list anymore. LOL

    • HI devilprada,

      well, the reason why I obviously wrote my earlier entries is very simple—I don’t want to judge the person in haste. Like I said, I don’t want this to turn into a circus like what happened in the Pangandaman case, then, when everything settled, we, bloggers, were left holding an empty bag. It just happened that I read one of his blogsite ( since I was looking for someone who’ll make us proud as a Filipino.

      Read my newest and last entry on BF at Boyet Fajardo: Learnings from a Bully and you’ll know where I truly stand. Thanks for reading this though.

  • biasedobserver says:

    That is exactly what Boyet Fajardo wants, for the Filipinos to IGNORE WHAT HE DID.

    Nice spin!

    • Hi biasedobserver,


  • spindoc says:

    Pare, I think it is impossible to ignore him but not his actions. The very essence of all this is Fajardo’s diva behaviour.

    So do you really know Fajardo even before this whole thing exploded as per develwearsprada’s message?


  • macallister says:

    when i heard about this i was tottally blown away!who did he think he is?GOD????

    no one has the right no matter how angry you are to ask someone to kneel on you and play god Oh my goodness!such a bitch.hope human rights wont rest until this issue teach him a lesson!

  • macallister says:

    and i may add,being gay does not make an excuse for it,im gay myself and known many gay people who cant believe that someone could do that!

    • Hi Macallister,

      Spot On! That’s what I was saying here. Gender preference has nothing to do with manners. In fact, there are more civilized gay people than straight ones.

  • maria says:

    you pinoy observer, it seems u are calling us who reacted to fajardo ill behaviour, ignoramous?
    mute or not the video is, i cant stomach seeing a person kneeling to another person.
    The video itself speak loud, maybe u will agree that “actions speak louder than words”. Watch again the video my dear friend, maybe, people who are callous, or acting to be intelligent that they justify things according to their preference.
    So if you dont have nothing to say with a sense, just shut up, ok?

    • Hi maria,

      ” it seems”? Well, I did’nt call anybody ignoramus here? What I’m saying is very simple—be fair. Videos are not admissible as evidence in court. It can be manipulated, yes? Yet, I’m not saying this. And why would you order me to shut up? Am I ordering you to shut up?

      You seem to be stuck by the very contemptuous disease that you so passionately want stumped. You are angry with BF, but now, you’re ordering me to stop and you’re violating my right to self-expression? Call that fair treatment?

  • maria says:

    to pinoy observer
    i told you to shut up because you raising concern to deviate the attendtion from BF, people like you who try to use their skill in writing to serve a shallow nonsense issue make more complicated.
    You are trying to be impartial but the way you presented your views is indirectly saying that we by reacting to what BF did thru that video are using our emotion rather than our intelligence.
    and because you were able to present another view aside from ours you seem to say, this is the way to view it.
    Use your skill to serve lowly class of our society rather than justifying the actions of your elite friends.

    • hi maria,

      hey, do you have eye glasses or your sight is simply too blurred? Maria I already said that we must ignore him, but NEVER HIS ACTIONS WHICH MERITS JUSTICE. What do you want to do? Write and write and talk and talk about this thing ad infinitum? My Gosh! You have so much hatred in your heart, Maria. You should learn to MOVE on. Nobody will be able to get justice from this person if we are being blinded by our biases and hatred.

      lest you forget, Marvin is a close associate of mine in that religious group which I am wont to mention. Read my other blog and you’ll know where I stand.

      besides, the more we talk about him, the more he becomes popular. we are feeding on his ego, which I am wont to do, k, Maria?

      Thanks for reacting.

  • spindoc says:

    Ok, thanks for clarifying but I read that earlier blog of yours, and you did claim to know the guy saying “As one of the people who know him”, or did you just lift that word for word in another person’s blog entry?

    • Hi spindoc,

      Nah…I don’t lift anything from anybody’s blog. ” As one of the people who know him” may mean a lot of things, like knowing his brand, his clothes, or previously visited his site etc. For me, that term meant that I know him based on what I read. Unfortunately, I made a wrong decision to feature him here.

  • develwearsprada says:

    To borrow pinoyobserver’s word… Spot On Maria! I also did get that same kind of tone reading pinoyobserver’s blog entries. He chastized people for apparently making hasty judgments yet he made excuses for Fajardo’s behaviour based on his assumptions. I guess pinoyobserver was just playing devil’s advocate. Anyway he redeeemed himself by retracting what he earlier said and wrote these thesis entries. (lol).

    Of course it does not take a genius to conclude that Fajardo’s behaviour based on the video and victims’ testimonies, was condemnable. To most of us, we instantly knew that. Pinoyobserver had to take the long route, had to rationalize and intellectualize everything before he had that A-HA moment. Took him a while but at least he finally got there.

    • Hi develwearsprada,

      well….got everybody’s to actually study everything so that we arrive at one DEFINITIVE AND PURE CONCLUSION—THIS PERSON MERITS NOTHING OF OUR RESPECT AND ALL OF OUR DEMAND FOR JUSTICE.

  • lorein says:

    hay naku!!! that person is so stupid.. i was able to watch the video of his apology to that poor cashier.. he is saying that he is sick and ill that time, but come to think of it guys, how many are we here have a credit card, is’t must that there should be a signature at the back of the card.. bago lang ba sya gumamit ng card? ang tanga kasi… tapos na mamayabang ba.. hinde naman sya kilala.. talo pa nya mag mayabang yung mga kilalang designer…

    for sure kinakahiya sya ng mga kilalang designer sa bansa…

    • hi lorein,

      i think new lang siyang gumamit kasi that card, upon release, should have been signed at the back. as i said, maganda if we just let him be BUT DONT FORGET ABOUT HIS ACTIONS AND OUR DEMAND FOR JUSTICE. JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED.

  • maria says:

    to pinoy observer
    next time better clear which side you are, because we dont need your advise, ok? we the public are not ignoramous nor emotionally unstable as your writing try to depict.
    for your information i got 20/20 vision and same time higher IQ than you think you do.
    I was a member of Editors Guild at UP and I talked with sense and conviction that makes the difference betweem my talk and yours.

    • well maria, i too, once wrote there….and about sense and conviction, well, it’s debatable. maria, everything is subjective. truth is subjective. and i’m not runniing into a debate with you about IQ because, obviously, this is NOT what we are discussing. Try to review the threads and what I wrote. I am not even accusing anybody of being of low IQ or of being “ignoramus” or being “emotionally unstable”. Being angry is actually a sign of a fully functioning mind. However, try to tone down your anger or hatred a little bit. That’s just an unsolicited advice from me. It’s not good eh.

      on clearing my side…well…as I said in my previous feedbacks to you and to everybody, I need to know and research on all sides before I join those who are against him, just for fairness. For example, compare my outrage against Chip Tsao and this UNnamed One. Chip Tsao obviously deserves derision for writing such a thing. It was evident, plain and simple. There was an online article. IN the Unnamed One’s scandal, there was a video which, again, for lack of an audio, can be interpreted or misinterpreted whatever which way. If we are just to judge him based on what the victims accused him of, we will not get the entire picture. Of course, those victims (especially Marvin who bears the same surname as my wife’s and belongs to the INC, same as me and my wife) would say every damning and damaging things against the person of the UnNamed One simply because they are the complainants. To be able to get into the thick of things as what an Observer does, I need to wait for the Unnamed one’s explanation, go through his interviews, go through the main complaint, ask journalists who covered it and even had the chance to talk with some witnesses. Afterwards, I was able to conveniently and confidently, tell myself that this is what really happened.

      So, again, tone down your anger. Release the negativity. Try to breathe, hehehe!

  • maria says:

    to pinoy observer
    whatever. . . . .
    i dont have time to discuss or argue with someone like you.
    am not mad or angry as u are accusing me
    try to write something worthwhile
    hasta la vista !!!

  • maria says:

    to pinoy observer
    tsk tsk tsk
    you just but a second rate writer.

  • develwearsprada says:

    Maria, I get your point and I get pinoyobserver’s point. We all have our own individual process in judging things. In this case, you, like the majority of us, have a quicker thought process, while pinoyobserver took his time gathering the facts, for the sake of fairness as he claims. Nothing wrong there.

    I did get the same vibe as you got Maria reading his blogs. No problem if he needed time to investigate, but in the meantime, it would not have been irritating if he held on to making excuses for Fajardo based on his perceived assumptions. It would have been better that he didn’t castigate the majority and made it seem that Fajardo was being given an unfair treatment, or IMPLIED that we were just too quick to make judgment on the scenario, that we were being too emotional and not rational and didn’t weigh the facts properly.

    At the end of the day, he found out, what we knew all along. My twelve year old niece arrived at the same conclusion as pinoyobserver did, and she didn’t have to do a full research and investigative journalism and write thesis-like reports. She just based her findings on what was presented. Does not really take a genius, just common sense, a level of maturity and a sense of what is right and wrong. 🙂

  • mariasimone says:

    to develwearsprada
    muy bien, someone like you relates with me
    muchos gracias!!
    you are absolutely correct
    i think pinoyobserver just want to show off his writing skills not because he wants to tackle the issue and
    that is an irritating attitude. That is the reason why some people who were bestowed talents by the Almighty use that talents not in a positive way making our planet chaotic in terms of relationships.
    Hasta la vista amiga!

  • mariasimone says:

    to pinoy observer

  • develwearsprada says:

    Thanks Maria!

    Having said that, i still respect pinoyobserver’s opinion, after all this is his blog and I am a mere visitor/spectator. I cannot ram down his throat what I perceive is correct and vice-versa. It is nice to have a healty exchange of opinions and criticism since if we embrace that and have an open mind, we learn and we grow.

    To pinoyobserver – so what do we do with people like develwearsprada? LOL

    • hi develwearsprada,

      hehehe! well, i don’t know……but it’s great that you and maria are here, discussing things with me. without you, there’s no more fun.:-) besides, I appreciate the comments.

  • mariasimone says:

    lucky for BF i am not that cashier
    because i am the person who is intimidated of the person’s position when i am right.
    had an experience serving as officer in charge of schools division personnel records with school division supervisor who used her position to harass me because i requested her to sign for changing the teacher’s performance record.
    that supervisor bowed to have me remove from my job and other personnel rallied against me by false accusations, but that supervisor never succeeded because i fought for what is right.
    so filipino people, if you think you are right, dont back out!!!! fight for it because that is the only means to teach some people who tend to use their position as shield for their wrong doing.

  • mariasimone says:

    AM THE PERSON WHO IS NOT INTIMIDATED, sorry for typo error

  • mariasimone says:

    is that so? well, then am in the wrong discussion board., hahahaha

  • mariasimone says:

    is that so? oh i never thought, am in the wrong discussion board.

  • justine36 says:

    Nagkalat na ang mga bayarang PR men ni Fajardo para linisin ang kanyang pangalan in whatever way possible. Kahit ano pang pagtatanggol o pagrarationalize ni Fajardo at ang kanyang mga kampon sa naging behavior niya sa Duty Free, the fact will always remain na hindi katanggap-tanggap ang kanyang mga sinabi at ginawa kay Marvin who was just doing his job. Period.

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