Chip Tsao and Chinese Food

March 29, 2009 § 17 Comments

Mr. Cheap Chow

Mr. Cheap Chow

I love Chinese food. Ask me about it and I’ll tell you where to eat the best Chinese food and what to eat. And I know what’s a cheap chow or a good chow.

And it’s not just Chinese food that I love. I also respect and love their literature. Ever heard of the Tale of the Three Kingdoms? Or I Ching? Or Tao Te Ching? Or how about the entire biography of Chairman Mao? Read his poems, read how Chairman Mao and his Chinese Liberation Army swept the whole of China and made monumental history. That’s good chow. And I did’nt imagine myself reading such rubbish coming from a cheap journalist based in Hongkong. It’s just unthinkable reading such cheap chow coming from the eminent People’s Republic of China.

Poor Chip Tsao (pronounced “cheaap chowww”). He’s a Chinese journalist over at some indescript magazine in Hongkong and he, obviously, does not like Chinese food. What he loves are all things Japanese. When the Japanese planted their flag over at Diaoyu island, a known island of China, he was one of those who shouted “bansai”! He usually watches Japanese anime and thinks of himself as a Japanese superman.

He eats purely Japanese food, especially sashimi. And he loves being with Japanese women, the anime kind.

That’s probably the reason why BBC kicked him out. When the Japanese occupied that Chinese island, he was one of those went over the fence and declared Japanese rule over Hongkong and the mainland. Good that some magazines still want him to write for them, with some exceptions though—he cannot and is barred to write about Chinese food. He can’t write about good chow, only cheap chow.

And you know what? Chip Tsao can’t understand why Filipinos acted differently when Filipinos claimed those scattered rocks in the Spratlys island as their own. No. Chip Tsao simply can’t accept the reality that most Filipinos are still proud of their being Filipinos. Not his maid, says Chip Tsao. She’s with me for all these time, cleaning my toilets and is at my beck and call, all the time. The government of my Filipina just made an unthinkable thing—claiming some scattered rocks as their own off the South China sea.

It can’t be. Chip Tsao is not familiar with the term “national sovereignty” nor does he know about “national pride” and “nationalist spirit”. Chip Tsao does not know what’s “national territory” is all about. He just have a map in his house, with a big region which he calls “MAPHILINDO” or ” Hongkong, Republic of Japan”.

And I really can’t understand why his publishers still allow him to dish out such embarrassing articles. Maybe they don’t know what good writing or cheap writing is all about? Maybe they’re used to eating cheap chow over some hawker store in Hongkong that they consider Chip Tsao’s articles and columns “world-class”? As they say, when you eat cheap chow everyday, you’ll get to be Chip Tsao.


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  • jepoy says:

    OT: wow.. tim cumper’s lurking in your blog too…

    • hi jepoy,

      who’s tim cumper?

    • ellumbra says:

      John Phillips Bengero – (Jepoy) – you do not own the Internet, despite your army of sycophants who are obedient to your manipulation, your cunning method of psychological control – feeding them an excuse to show their contempt – by your devious distorted presentation of the truth.
      They are oblivious to the fact that you are using them for your own personal vendetta – when will they awaken?

  • [splice] says:

    Fornicate thyself in thy rectal orifice, Chip Tsao. Cao ni ma!

  • jepoy says:

    @ricky – the guy that has been stalking most of us especially me and ms noemi 😀

    here’s the links

  • kidtechguru says:

    He is no more than a Talking duck This Man Should be banned from Coming to the Philippines.. he is a big big shame…as a journalist…

    Read more here….


    • hi kidtechguru,

      spot on kidtechguru!

      on second thought….we should not be overly affected by what Cheap Chow wrote….it’s not that it’s not condemnable…what we need is a shocker, and he is a shock jock of a writer. we should instead condemn his racism and ask him to read more books about the Philippines and on Chinese history as well

  • Jan says:

    Chip chow is like i think you better look into yourself first before commenting on other races. In fact, you look like a mentally ill mongoloid person, look at your pics. You’re such a nuissance person, in fact a disgrace in your race. Observe good professional ethics if you’re really an intelligent creature. Take note all human being are created equally by God regardless of race, color, religion or whatever differences.

    • hi jan,

      look at his thoughts and beliefs, not his face. we know of people who are not handsome or beautiful, but have beautiful hearts in them. attack his beliefs, not his physical appearance.

  • lakandula says:

    My first reaction was that of real anger to the statement by columnist Chip Tsao, when he said “that we are a nation of servants”. Then I had a second thought to it, that he was actually telling the truth.. Writing the truth. However, instead of fighting back with words toward what he said, I’ve decided to face the fact, the truth, the stinky truth about the unscrupulous activities of my so-called government. The Filipinos have no other enemies than themselves alone. I will wage war with my government to stop sending Filipinos outside the country to work as servants whom they call as their “Economic Heroes”, while these officials calmly sit on their thrones and do nothing but wait for their monthly income to come in. Instead of creating more jobs inside the country they send our people away. When will we ever learn? Didn’t you notice that the more miserable that the Filipino people get, the more these officials like the situation as they can profit more by sending our brothers and sisters to servantry. Meanwhile, citizens from other neighboring countries come in to take advantage of our islands and natural resources as well as what’s left of our manpower. If we are to look in deeper, this situation is no different from slavery . What’s really bothersome is that it is our officials who willingly enslave our own countrymen. Will this ever change? Now, who’s to be blamed, if we let them get away with it?

  • […] Pinoy Observer, “Chip Tsao and Chinese Food” (March 29, […]

  • Hey, cool tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the man from that chat who told me to visit your site 🙂

  • iradi says:

    try reading this weblog, pro-Tsao

  • Purba Negoro says:

    Coward Chinamen: come to Indonesia and open your mouth- we will show you the anger of the “fancuko”

    We will burn every single one of you filthy cowardly snivelling yellow insects

    Indonesia fully supports our oppressed BROTHERS and SISTERS of Philippines.
    Indonesia will fight to the bitter death to destroy our shared enemy: the hated YELLOW COLONIAL PARASITE- the CHINAMAN.
    pratleys belong to PHILLIPPINES! Not inferior yellow scum like Vietnam or Ching Chong man

    Who exports Philippine maids?
    Who cuts 60% of poor maids salary?
    Who rapes, abuses or molests Philippine maids?

    Who forces Philippine women to work as sex slaves especially on internet?
    Who sucked the penis of the PSaniards and Americans enslavers?

    Chinese CHOSE to impose their
    illegal, non-assimilating and often hostile and uninvited presence upon the Bumiputera/Pribumi/orang asli people.
    Chinese CHOSE to enrich themselves at the expense of the native in racially prejudicial colonial systems.
    Chinese CHOSE to be keen often brutal colonial collaborators.
    Chinese CHOSE to continue their clannism, monopolism, cronyism and corruption of law and due process for insatiable greed.

    Chinese in Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines are the root cause of corruption, deforestation, exotic animal-parts trade and all manner of vice- including total monopolies on illegal gambling, child pornography, sex slavery, tiger bones and skins, drugs manufacture and trafficking and human organs.

    Chinese are an uninvited non-assimilating clannish colonial import. The British, Dutch and Spanish imported the Chinese to destroy local indigenous authority, confiscate indigenous lands for cash-crop plantations- to be run, administered and brutally enslave the indigenous as forced labour.

    Chinese total arrogance, contempt for the natives nd racism is rife- best summarised in the infamous Chinese phrase:
    “one white covers a thousand defects”- yet they cleverly lie, swindle and manipulate the media to portray themselves as a blameless victim.

    What does Ching Chong Chinaman call Austronesians:?
    Fancuko Barbaric savage

    King Rama of Thailand labeled the Chinese parasites of South East Asia as the “Jews of the East” for very good reason. Their well-documented racism, culutral chauvinism, usury predatory cowboy-capitalism, monopolization, clannish secretism and extraordinary greed- motivating them to seek money wherever and whenever possible has made them the hated middleman minority throughout all of South East Asia.

    Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanamr and Indonesia will NEVER forget white colonial and Chinese rape, robbery and slavery.

    Indonesia will FOREVER keep the glorious bright torch of hereditary hatred of the filthy Chinaman until we expel or incinerate every last one out of our native South East Asian homelands!

    Burn all Chinese! Kebakaran Semua Wong Singke! Wong Singke Mati!

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