KC Concepcion: Filipino Version of Paris

March 29, 2009 § 16 Comments

With a face like that, who would not help the poor?

With a face like that, who would not help the poor?

KC Concepcion, the comely daughter of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion recently graced the United Nations. She was invited as a speaker.

KC Concepcion just appealed for world support in fighting hunger in Mindanao.

She told the crowd that the world has put greater attention to Africa when it forgot those hungry children in North Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat, two of the poorest provinces in the Philippines.

For someone born with a proverbial silver spoon in her mouth, KC Concepcion surely brings smiles to everyone.

KC is our version of Paris; except that instead of destroyers and frigates, KC Concepcion surely brings great tidings for our poor brothers and sisters in Mindanao.

Question—is this the learnings that KC Concepcion was able to get from spending all those years in Paris? If this is it, then, we still have hope in the younger generation of Filipinos.

I just hope that KC Concepcion continues to be mindful of her advocacies and marry late in her life. I mean, an early marriage would derail everything and that would not be good for us, Filipinos.

KC Concepcion is doing what Kris Aquino failed to do during her prime. Many thought that Kris Aquino was going to the route taken by her father, the hero Ninoy Aquino. Celebrated relationships, breakups, live ins and a widely talked about STD and eventual marriage to a cager destroyed whatever hope there is.

It’s great to love a KC Concepcion. Great to know that the daughter of two movie greats are doing the Filipino a great service. Be proud my brother Filipinos. We have a beautiful champion in our side.


§ 16 Responses to KC Concepcion: Filipino Version of Paris

  • raffy says:

    I get goosebumps every time I see a celebrity going out of their comfort zone and make a wondrous advocacy of helping.

  • evs says:

    napakabait talaga ni kc, marunong tumulong sa mga taong nagugutom, sana tuluran ng ibang kabataan, bibihira ang mga artistang tulad ni kc na marunong tumulong sa ganyang paraan.i love you kc!

  • lacson says:

    gogogo! kc maraming kang natutulungan, alam ni lord yan kaya nga maraming blessings na dumaraing sayo, dahil sa napakabuti mong tao, sobrang proud kami sayo talaga.

  • bang says:

    we love kc and richard very much! sa mga kabataang artista ngayon sa kanila mo makikita na meron silang avocacy sa pagtulong sa ating mamamayan, ipagpatuloy niyo lang ang ganyang gawain, mas marami pang blessings ang darating sa inyo. god bless both of you!

  • las pinas says:

    wow ! super matulungin talaga ni kc, kahit napaka busy niya sa work niya, pero nakukuha pa niyang tumulong sa mga taong nagugutom lalo na sa mga bata. and also to richard, kasi sila ang nakikita mong active sa mga avocacies na ganyan, we very proud both of you! from las pinyas!

  • spindoc says:

    This bothered me a bit…

    “Many thought that Kris Aquino was going to the route taken by her father, the hero Ninoy Aquino. Celebrated relationships, breakups, live ins and a widely talked about STD and eventual marriage to a cager destroyed whatever hope there is.”

    You make it sound like Aquino is a lost cause, that there is no more hope for her. I thought you are a prime proponent of fairness, yet you seem to have forgotten to mention Aquino’s positives such as her numerous scholarships, donations, humanitarian campaigns and charities. Her’s may not be as high profile as KC’s UN speech, but in her own way, I believe she is doing her share.

    Aquino may not be as crytal perfect as KC,she had her share of high profile scandals, but she rose beyond that, and that is something we should commend Aquino. Believe it or not, Aquino to a lot of people, serves as an inspiration. Just like KC, Aquino is a picture of a dutiful daughter, and hopefully KC will one day become a loving mother and wife, just like Aquino.

    I also disagree your view on early marriage derailing a person’s advocacy. There are a lot of married people who remain active in their chosen advocacy, in fact a lot became more passionate after their marriage since now they are fighting for their children and their children’s children’s future.

    • hi spindoc,

      well, one query though—where are those advocacies you mentioned about? i don’t know of anything. do you? what charities? Kris was once the toast of the town, the prime model who was even emulated and put on a pedestal by fellow Asians. Remember the frenzy people had with her when she first went public?

      How dutiful a daughter is Kris Aquino? Tell me just one instance when she obeyed her mother and brother. She disobeyed her mother when she went into that out-of-marriage thing with Philip (who happened at that time to still be legally married to another girl), her relationship with Robin Padilla and that disastrous one with Joey Marquez. Those are signs of a disobedient person. That, for me, is not a dutiful daughter.

      On marriage, I’m referring to showbiz personalities, my friend, not those who chose a quiet one, like me. Until now, I’m still very much active in the movement for change despite having a family and beautiful wife to boot. When showbiz personalities get married, their priorities get screwed.

  • spindoc says:

    Here’s something to think about…Just because you don’t know any of her advocacies does not mean she does not have any, just because she didn’t get a chance to speak in UN, does not mean she isn’t passionate about the betterment of the world we live in.

    Aren’t you the guy who loves doing research, taking his time before he makes a “fair” judgment? So I am sure if you really, really try hard, just like the way you did your research on the Fajardo creative outburst, you’d come accros Aquino’s numerous charities and scholarships. Aquino is a public figure, and with your so called connections, this shouldn’t be a tough thing to do. Don’t get your biases get the better of you.

    I am not saying that Aquino is all goody-goody, after all she is human too. However despite her several wrong decisions in life, she rose above that, and now she’s on track again. We should give props to that.

    It’s unbelievable that you can easily enumerate her imperfections and flaws, yet is blind to her positive traits and contributions. If you are going to judge her, make a fair assessment and not weigh her BASED ON YOU personal biases.

    I am not an Aquino fan, but I am a fan of giving people a fair chance. I am sure you are aware that Aquino has apologized for her past mistakes, after all every single one of us have made mistakes, tell me anyone who hasn’t? Even KC has or will make mistakes. Anyway, for whatever flaws Aquino has, she is making up for those NOW.

    My point here is go on and sing praises to KC, which is highly deserve, but don’t do it at the expense of a person, who as I see it, you really do not know.

    On marriage, check out celebrities and showbiz personalities who have strong advocacies, most of them started their advocacies when they were still single, and continued with their fight even after marriage. My point here is, if you are REALLY PASSIONATE about something regardless you are a celebrity or not, getting married is a non-issue, marriage will not be a reason to get cold turkey about your advocacy.

    • hi spindoc,

      okey. well said. i’ll do a research on Kris Aquino and will feature her here. Don’t worry. I’ll look into her advocacies and will write something about her. And yes, we don’t have any dispute on advocacies, spindoc. I know of many married people who continue on activism even beyond the age of Youth. I, myself, am an active member of a cause-oriented group.

  • davanita says:


    How do you know that Kris Aquino is passionate about the betterment of the world other than hers? Have you been watching how she behaves in her various TV shows? How condescending she is towards contestants that she doesn’t like for no apparent reason but that she just doesn’t? How she is obsessed with material things like her Hollywood-standard kitchen?

  • spindoc says:

    davanita – sorry but I don’t see your point. One can still be active in their chosen advocacy and still be obsessed with material things. don’t find fault in her just because she can afford certain luxuries. as for her shows and how she rubs you in the wrong way, you are entitled to your opinion but perhaps that’s only one facet of Aquino that you are seeing. to judge her, try to get to know more about her. Simple.

  • lou says:

    dam right people should concentrate on africa. its one of the stricken countries in the world where they CANT get aid. Philippines can get aid from america

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