Davila erred when she ate Cheap Chow

March 30, 2009 § 13 Comments

That Hongkong magazine where Cheap Chow writes regularly, has issued a formal apology. They taken out the despicable article from their website and even issued that apology in their printed magazine. The question is—will we move forward after this apology?


The core issue is Cheap Chow’s racist remarks. Apart from referring to our country as a country of slaves, he likewise tried to bully us by writing those condescending remarks. We, Filipinos, will not allow a shock jock like Cheap Chow to do that.

We hate being bullied. When the Spaniards bullied us with their forced labor laws, we militated and kicked their butts out of our beloved land.

When the Japanese did that to our forebears, the collective consciousness of the people was roused and we struggled to oust them from our land.

When our fellow Filipino, the late Ferdinand Marcos bullied us for twenty years, we finally found the courage to oust him through that glorious revolt.

Now, this chap.

Karen Davila, the broadcaster of DZMM, failed to grasp that. She was sympathetic with Chip Tsao, without even understanding every word that that chap wrote online. She even concluded that we should respect his right as a journalist, since everybody, as she mistakenly believes, has a right to exercise self-expression. It took a cause oriented person to remind her that every right has an attendant responsibility. That right ends when racist remarks begin.

Let me remind Ms. Karen Davila that:

1. Chip Tsao was never accurate when he described us as a country of slaves. I looked at the Labour migration stats of the ILO and at no instance in our history where the Philippines became a slave/domestic servant market. Domestic servants account for a measly 17% of the entire OFW population. Even in the world, the Philippines is NOT a prime exporter of domestic servants. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka ranked first and second, respectively. Philippines is not even close.

So, Ms. Davila, Chip Tsao is not, I say again, writing accurately.

2. Chip Tsao wrote beyond the borders of decency when he wrote something about his domestic assistant. That is not fact-based writing nor a painful satire, as Ms. Davila described. It was pure and simple racism.

Lastly (3) Chip Tsao was writing from the vantage point of a person who perceives himself as above the rest. Chip Tsao, if you checked, came from an impoverished family. There is a possibility though that one of his forebears even worked as a domestic in the Philippines. He just did’nt know it. (in the 1920s and 1930’s, majority of maids employed in the Philippines came from Hongkong. They are poor Chinese. They were fired for cooking cheap chow.


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§ 13 Responses to Davila erred when she ate Cheap Chow

  • james hann says:

    I’m a 100% full blood Chinese living in the Philippines. I don’t really like the way Cheap Tsao insulted the Filipinos. Shame on you Chip Tsao! We live only once in this world – Why you want to be a SHIT!

  • Joe M.P. says:

    I think dapat isispin natin kung ano talaga ang bansa natin, hindi ba lahat ng bansa sa mundo nagpapadala ang gobyerno natin ng DH? May punto si Mr. Chip dito and this is a wake up call for our government, we should change, Philippine should not be a country that export domestic helper. On the other hand, si Mr. Chip at ang ibang mga Pinoy huwag natin lagyan ng connection ang pagiging DH ng mga Pinoy and the problem of Spratly Island claims. Kawawa talaga ang mga DH natin, you know what I mean, maraming article na ang nabasa ko tungkol sa hirap na kinasadlakan nila para lang may ipadalang dolyar sa bansa natin, ngayon damay pa sila sa spratly claim.

    • hi joe,

      well, i think he just used the spratlys issue to really express those racist remarks. just asking—why do we need government to show us how despicable our state of affairs are? are we not sensitive to this institutionalized bullying happening all around us? chip tsao showed that he’s a bully. as a bully, we need to stop him and others like him from bullying us.

  • matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  • keep on reading and struggling for a just and humane Philippines!

    Thank God I’m Filipino!

  • onlooker says:

    Hey, CHEAP Chow.. shouldn’t you write a satire on Chinese nationals who set up shabu laboratories in all parts of Asia including the Philippines?

    At least our OFW domesitic helpers can very well stand proud for making a difference in the lives of the Hong Kong high society and the middle class.. Can your drug dealers/ traffickers do the same?

  • Neal says:

    Chip Tsao’s article (satire or not) is an eye-opener for us in the Philippines – mababa talaga tingin ng mga foreigners sa atin. Bakit naman? Imagine our college graduates and professionals working as domestic helpers abroad because our country cannot give them decent jobs. Even many of our doctors are studying to become nurses and are working as nurses abroad.

    Let us get over Chip Tsao and strive to be a better people and a better nation. Who knows? 10 or 20 years from now, the Philippines can turn things around (stop widespread corruption) and be proud again before the rest of the world.

  • lakandula says:

    My first reaction was that of real anger to the statement by Chip Chao. Then I had a second thought to it, that he was actually telling the truth.. Writing the truth. However, instead of fighting back with words toward what he said, I’ve decided to face the fact, the truth, the stinky truth about the unscrupulous activities of my so-called government. The Filipinos have no other enemies than themselves alone. I will wage war with my government to stop sending Filipinos outside the country to work as servants whom they call as their “Economic Heroes”, while these officials calmly sit on their thrones waiting for their monthly income to come in. When will we learn? Didn’t you notice that the more miserable that the Filipino people get, the more these officials like the situation as they can profit more by selling our brothers and sisters to servantry. If we are to look in deeper, this situation is no different from slavery . What’s really bothersome is that it is our own countrymen doing it to us.


  • joelF says:

    Why are you talking about accuracy? A satire is a generalization. The moment you do that, then you dont recognize the satire anymore.

    I think you should stop reading English works, if u cant recgnz a satire.

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