Chinese and Filipinos are blood brothers

March 31, 2009 § 8 Comments

Could you tell who are Pinoys and who are Chinese here?

Could you tell who are Pinoys and who are Chinese here?

It’s just so unfortunate that Chip Tsao forgot to read his history. He would have read that his forebears once fought side by side with Filipino revolutionaries during our struggle against Spanish colonialism in the late 19th century. He would have seen how both Chinese migrants and Filipinos shared the same battlefield, ate the same food and used the same bolo in chopping off the heads of Western powers.

Chip Tsao must have forgotten that Hongkong once hosted Filipino revolutionaries during the war against Spain. Hongkong was considered an enclave of the Filipino revolutionaries during our Katipunan revolution.

Previous to that, the numerous wars of independence we Filipinos waged against our conquerors all show us in tandem with Chinese migrants. Even up to the Japanese occupation, our Chinese brothers fought side by side, sacrificing their lives for the sake of nation-building.

Up to this day, thousands of Filipino professionals are in constant fellowship with their fellow Chinese brothers, both here and abroad. The Chinese race and the Filipino race are inseparable.  I myself, am very fortunate to have many Chinese as my brothers. I am proud of being Filipino; yet I am equally recognizant of other people’s rights.

Chip Tsao must have been ignorant of even the struggles of Northern and Southern Chinese migrants out ekking a living here in the Philippines. They are here not as investors, mind you, but normal and ordinary Chinese who view the Philippines as a land of milk and honey. They are flocking here in our shores not as tourists, but as entrepreneurs, trying to build their futures here, not there in Hongkong.

So you see, Chip Tsao, we Filipinos are not really angry against you. We pity you for doing that cheap shot. You’re a war-monger. You’re even lower than that dog that I saw just now, roaming the streets of Manila.

You failed to grasp the fact that we Filipinos, are your blood brothers. Without our investments there in Hongkong, without our professionals working in your HK-listed companies and without our unskilled labor force, Hongkong would be nothing!

Don’t be proud of yourself. Your feet must always be firmly planted on the ground.


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§ 8 Responses to Chinese and Filipinos are blood brothers

  • SuperGulaman says:

    The issue raised by Chip Tsao isn’t just about disputes in Spratly… I guess there is deeper reason behind this. He took it too personal. So let’s make it personal. He started the war, so bring it on. The war isn’t about China vs. Philippines but Chip Tsao alone vs. Filipinos. Feel our rage Chip Tsao!

  • rushrabbit says:

    Two words: Cheap Chow!

  • Neal says:

    “Without our investments there in Hongkong, without our professionals working in your HK-listed companies and without our unskilled labor force, Hongkong would be nothing!”

    Yes – Pinoys make the world go round (di tayo mayabang ano?) On the other hand, Tsip Chow can always tell tell his fellow Hong Kongers to get their domestic helpers or servants and other professionals from India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and other Third World countries.

    We Pinoys should also stop going to Hong Kong for shopping and Disneyland and ask Jose Pidal to stop going to Hong Kong for his financial transcations there.

  • Omon Maravilla says:

    Satire was my great grandfather looking every bit like a Spanish don when he was in fact Chinese.
    We Filipinos are a colorful people, we had servants.
    Let’s not worry ourselves with this fellow Chip, who thinks he’s Brit. You should see him sip brandy dandy with a fat cigar… never mind his handsome Spratly, broke his heart in two.

  • lakandula says:

    My first reaction was that of real anger to the statement by columnist Chip Tsao, when he said “that we are a nation of servants”. Then I had a second thought to it, that he was actually telling the truth.. Writing the truth. However, instead of fighting back with words toward what he said, I’ve decided to face the fact, the truth, the stinky truth about the unscrupulous activities of my so-called government. The Filipinos have no other enemies than themselves alone. I will wage war with my government to stop sending Filipinos outside the country to work as servants whom they call as their “Economic Heroes”, while these officials calmly sit on their thrones and do nothing but wait for their monthly income to come in. Instead of creating more jobs inside the country they send our people away. When will we ever learn? Didn’t you notice that the more miserable that the Filipino people get, the more these officials like the situation as they can profit more by sending our brothers and sisters to servantry. Meanwhile, citizens from other neighboring countries come in to take advantage of our islands and natural resources as well as what’s left of our manpower. If we are to look in deeper, this situation is no different from slavery . What’s really bothersome is that it is our officials who willingly enslave our own countrymen. Will this ever change? Now, who’s to be blamed, if we let them get away with it?

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