Citi Savings and their below the belt tactics

April 1, 2009 § 3 Comments

Citi Savings, one of the premier banks in the Philippines, is employing below-the-belt and underhanded tactics in its bid to prop up their sagging funds. Lately, I’ve been victimized by one of their collection agents, going by the name of “Chris”, who caused me great distress. I am thinking of filing a case against the bank for causing me undue stress which is seriously, not my fault.

Here’s what happened. I have a loan for 36 months. I paid last 26 February 2009 of the amount of 8,000 covering 2 months (4,000 per month). The payment was posted in Citi Savings Inc (CSI) loans as attested by Chinabank last March 2 (Monday), yet the remittance was done on 28 February 2009, two days when I posted the payment.

Now, this Chris is claiming that the payment was never posted. I asked Chinabank, a reputable bank here in the Philippines, to validate the transaction. Chinabank validated it and coordinated with Citi Bank Savings. The payment was indeed posted.

In his overzealousness to probably get commission out of me, Chris is claiming that the payment was never posted, untrue and a lie since both banks already claimed that it was posted. Chris is regularly calling me despite me again, honoring my contract with Citi Savings and Loans, posted another payment of 4,000 pesos yesterday.

This has caused me two meetings and a slew of financial opportunities yesterday. Citi Savings should be reminded to at least give a modicum of respect to their clients. Their clients, like me, are regular payors and for them to really do so high handed tactics bodes ill at the Citi Bank Savings brand equity.


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§ 3 Responses to Citi Savings and their below the belt tactics

  • spindoc says:

    i guess due to current econoic conditions, these “collectors” are more aggressive in ensuring payments are made on time. my sister who also has a housing loan with BDO has been paying her loan without fail (every 30th of the month) and on time for 18 months. She was surprised that she gets a call on the 25th informing her that her account does not have sufficient funds to cover for her monthly payment. The nerve of that caller. He did receive quite a bit of tongue lashing from my sister though. These are trying times indeed.

    By the way, did you file a written complaint against your collector?

  • i am intending to file a written complaint against the collector. This caused me and my family tremendous stress.

  • matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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