Pray for Red Cross Hostages; Innocents in a Senseless War

April 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

Red Cross Volunteers: Innocents In the Time of War

Red Cross Volunteers: Innocents In the Time of War

Let us take a few steps back and offer our prayers to these three hostages being held by the Abu Sayyaf Group somewhere in the jungles of Sulu. Reports say, one or all of them have either been wounded or killed while the ASG was fleeing their camp in Indanan Sulu to a now undisclosed location. It bears to mind that this thing is still unverified, though a slew of text messages and “ground reports” have been circling the community since last night.

Let me just say that killing of innocents have never been the practice of Muslim revolutionaries since the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). These jihadists (people who follow the precepts of Islam and wage Holy wars) follow a very strict code of engagement. If you read the Noble Qu’ran, yes, jihadists or mujaheddins are ordered to kill their enemies with impunity; even severing or beheading is permitted. However, this applies only when they are engaging the enemy, who are armed.Children, widows, mothers and orphans are not fair game. Same goes to non-combatants like these three Red Cross volunteers who dedicated their lives in the service of others.

If these killings are indeed true, then, these ASG just violated the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Noble Qu’ran. And if they think they did a good deed with this killing, let me just refresh their minds and direct them to Surah 18:103-104 which says that good deeds, to be accepted, should follow two basic conditions: acts should always be for the glory of ALLAH SWT and it should be recognizant of the approved actions by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as stated in the Sunnah. The Sahih Bukhari says, acts which does not fall under these two conditions, are innovations.

Having said this, killing of innocents are innovations which merit no reward from Allah SWT.

I ask everybody who reads this, Muslim or People of the Book (Christians) to unite and pray in the solitude of their rooms.

Pray to God. Invoke His Name. Pray that God illuminates the minds of these deviators and make them see the true and pure revolutionary path.

Devote just a minute or two in solemn prayer for their safety. Don’t plead to these kidnappers—they are not gods. If they think they are, then, they are not Muslims.

Plead to God to send His Angels and protect these three Red Cross hostages whose only fault is do good deeds for the sake of the poor, the orphans and the widows in Mindanao.


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