Red Cross Worker Freed at last!

April 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

After more than 78 days in captivity,Filipina ICRC worker Mary Jean Lacaba was freed by Abu Sayyaf Group members at exactly 7:15 in the evening, Manila Time.

Philippine National Red Cross head Senator Richard Gordon announced the good news immediately after validating that Lacaba is now recuperating in a hospital of the Philippine marine brigade in Jolo Sulu.

An informant said that she was freed in Barangay Paligi, a village bordering Indanan and Parang towns. Lacaba was handed over to Sulu Vice Governor Nuranna Sahidulla, shortly after being told by Congressman Yusop Jikiri that the ASG decided to release her. Sahidulla went to the area accompanied by Brigadier General Eugene Clemen, commander of the 3rd Marine Brigade.

Sources say the group released Lacaba after talking with Abdul Gafur Jikiri. Lacaba is scheduled to be brought to Zamboanga City for a debriefing to be undertaken by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

However, there are no reports suggesting that the two foreigners, Andreas Notter and Vagni are alive. Yet, there are “feelers” which point to evidence of life.

This is great news. It shows how powerful prayers are, when people direct it to God. God is the one to be praised for this.


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