Looking for a New House

April 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’m looking for a house and lot. I have a growing family and we need space. For the past few years, I’ve been living in a condo. And since then, I’ve been used to this kind of living.

However, with a new baby (who just turned one year old) and two growing kids, I just need more breathing room. I feel that what I have today is not enough to support six individuals.

I’m looking for a place in Metro Manila that is somewhat semi-urbane. My budget is less than 4 million. Do you have something that would interest me? Email me at mangubat.patricio@gmail.com. I’ll be glad to go to your site.

House hunting seems to be quite difficult here in Manila. There are a lot of projects around, yet, you can’t really find what you want. There are outstanding projects with outrageous prices and surely, their marketing departments failed to really feel the pulse of the people. For example, Filinvest Oasis project. How in the world would you live in a site which has historically been flooded all these years? Obviously, they failed to conduct a historical site inspection. That area where they have their project has not been fully filled up with materials strong enough against flooding. Also, how would you actually get some quiet time in there where the project is sited along a very busy Marcos highway? Plus….the MRT is just nearby.

One of the things I consider to be paramount is distance and flooding. There are some great projects around; yet, unknown to those site developers, most of them are located in flood-prone areas. Another one is distance. Obviously, Fairview is great. So do Novaliches. But, those horrendous traffic going there plus those cratered roads add to to a devaluation of the property. Fort Boni seems to be a nice place to live. It’s hip. It’s near Makati. And it seems to be further in the development stage; hence, prices are still reasonable. Maybe I’ll scout around there. Or, possibly, there’s a nice project in QC that I could go look and see.


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