Ted Failon’s Wife Alleged Suicide: Update

April 16, 2009 § 9 Comments

Quezon City, Philippines, April 16, 2009—As of presstime, member of the Philippine media are now at Camp Karingal, the main headquarters of the Central Police District here in the Philippines, waiting for the press conference of the CPD chief on the initial police findings of the alleged suicide of Ted’s wife, Trinidad “Trina” Arteche-Etong.*

On or about 10:20 am yesterday, April 15, 2009, ABS-CBN news anchor Ted Failon left his radio show over at DZMM Channel 2, ten minutes before the show’s end to attend to a call by his wife (Failon said he was the one who called the wife when an earlier statement by Failon said that his wife called him. Let’s leave it at that). The night after, Ted said that they had a marital spat with his 45 year old wife Trinidad “Trina” Arteche-Etong. It concerns “family finances“. Allegedly, the wife got entangled with a huge financial problem which she failed to inform Ted (whatever the cause of that financial distress remains a mystery). The wife left the conjugal home and reportedly came back in the morning when Ted Failon left the house for his morning show over at DZMM.

The wife, reports say (based on the testimonies of the househelps), called Ted or received a call from Ted inside the room of one of their kids. Sensing something wrong, Ted immediately boarded his Blue Pajero and went straight to their house at Tierra Pura subdivision in Tandang Sora, Quezon City.

Upon reaching the house, Ted reportedly saw his wife sprawled inside the bathroom, blood oozing from her temples. A gun, a Walter PK .380 caliber pistol, was beside her and a suicide note. There was conflicting testimonies on the position of the body. The maid said that the body was in a sitting position, with her back against the white tiled bathroom walls. Ted meanwhile said that the body was also in a sitting position, albeit the head is bowed.

The bullet entered the left temple and exited to the right. The gun is positioned at the right side of the body. There were smudges in the entry point of the victim’s temple, signifying, according to police, that the shooting happened a few inches from the temple. This is uncanny, says police, since most suicide cases do not bear smudge marks, an indication that it was a point-blank shot. Anyway, let’s leave it at that.

When Ted saw his still breathing wife, he immediately carried the body to his Blue Pajero. Accompanying him were his sister-in-law Pamela and driver Glen. The maids were left to fend the house. It was at that time that the maids reportedly decided to clean the bathroom. According to the househelp, no one ordered them to clean the crime scene.

When the group reached the New Era University General Hospital, Ted requested the hospital to keep mum about the incident. The wife was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where she was immediately attended to by doctors and physicians. Ted reportedly requested that the incident be kept strictly private. No media and no cops should be allowed in.

At around 1pm, Ted allegedly went back to his house. After three hours, cops found out about the incident. They then went inside the Tierra Pura subdivision and started the investigation. What they found was a clean bathroom and a Blue Pajero also cleaned of all bloodstains. However, police reportedly found blood in the passenger seat of Ted’s car.

Latest update: Ted and Trina’s daughter, Kaye Etong, believes the incident is a suicide. Reason: financial troubles reportedly being experienced by the family.

Police found Ted Failon negative of powder burns after the paraffin tests. He was briefly detained at the Camp Karingal and in this morning, Ted Failon went to the New Era University General Hospital to visit his wife. Since yesterday, his wife is being taken cared of by his relatives. Ted’s eldest daughter, Kaye, is also there. The youngest daughter is still clueless as to what happened to her mother.

Meanwhile, Ted’s househelps were also interrogated. Police are thinking of filing obstruction of justice charges against them.

The wife is still struggling for her life at the ICU. She’s now comatose.

* Trinidad “Trina” Arteche-Etong is a 45-year old nurse. She has a very good political pedigree. She belongs to a privileged political family in Eastern Samar. She has been with Ted since my friend was still a struggling journalist.


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§ 9 Responses to Ted Failon’s Wife Alleged Suicide: Update

  • meg says:

    i have no doubts sana to ted failon, but cleaning the crime scene was just questionable, and y did’nt he reported that to police asap?

  • well, i believe he panicked. i was telling myself, kung sa akin nangyari, ano kaya ang unang una kong gagawin? there are many things that I would think of. but, one thing, i’ll call the police asap.

    yet, maybe in ted’s case, it’s different. why? he’s a media personality and he knows that his enemies, real and perceive, would try to use this issue just to pin him down. nag panic ang mama kaya nagka ganon.

  • savenroy says:

    If you don’t trust policemen why should you call them, besides they themselves (Etong Family) claims there is no crime.

  • aldwin says:

    bobo ka ted…. tumawag ka sana ng police, you give them a reason to pin you down…

  • MRC says:

    Mahirap magjudge ng tao pero sa sitwasyon nila Ted on the spot mahirap magdecide kung ano ang uunahin mong gawin if nakikita mong nag aagaw buhay ang asawa mo at gusto mo masagip syempre una mong gagawin dalhin sa ospital baka me magawa pa. So, sa mga ilang sandali hindi mo pa rin maisip talaga kung ano ang kakahinatnan, tatawagan mo ang anak mo para ipaalam pero paano? Dito ang ORAS ang kalaban ng bawat isa. . . example naghihingalo si Trina gusto ng lahat ng kamag anak na nakapaligid mabuhay na katabi sila, ito namang pulis ang gusto kuhanin at ikulong sila dahil sa justice na sinasabi nila. Meron lang pumunta para puntahan ang mga kapatid yung si Maximo eh nga eh parang hayup na itinaboy, to think na lahat sila eh nakaikot sa tao gayung wala namang sandata yung tao at nakaposas ang mga kamay. Non-sense di ba? Eto pa ang mga pulis laging nakangiti kung ikaw ang nasa kalagayan ng isa sa pamilya ni Ted makita mong nakangiti ang mga taong akala mo eh tutulong sa’yo makapagtiwala ka pa kaya? Ang hirap talaga mabuhay sa Pinas di mo alam kung sino ang paniniwalaan mo. Eh pano kung simpleng tao ka lang wala kang kinalaman sa pangyayari kung gusto ka nila ikulong at damputin at sabihing ikaw ang pumatay de napakadali sa kanila parang pelikula di ba masabi lang na may ginawa sila at nang ang CREDIT eh makuha nila at sila ay hangaan! Hay, iba talaga ang pinoy! Ang malaking katanungan nga dito eh sino ba talaga ang CONCERN sa kung SINO at SAAN? If sa pamilya nila Ted mabuti eh kung yung sarili ngang pamilya di makareklamo dahil alam nila ang totoo pero ang mga taong gusto lang maging bida eh ang gusto magturo ng PUMATAY pero di naman nila malaman kung sino dahil yung totoo gusto nila palitan ng ayon sa gusto nila!!! So SINO at KANINO sila CONCERN? hmmm ang sagot dyan EWAN!!!. . . sa lahat ng bagay IBANG-IBA! Our Condolences sa pamilya ni Ted at sana ay magpakatatag pa kayo at patnubayan kayo ng ating poong maykapal, magtiwala lang at lahat ay maayos din. . .

  • Pedro de Guzman says:


    You cannot fool everyone my friend. All are aware of your affair with Korina Sanchez. The night you quarrelled with your wife it was again because she rediscovered your continuing affair. So she called and informed Mar Roxas which was the real cause of the mess.

    Korina is the master mind and you are the killer! Its so obvious why Korina allowed herself to look like a stupid on tv protecting you all the way!

    She sacrificed her reputation as a broadcaster trying to badmouth the police just to save you and herself.

    You are a killer and you better admit it so that people mi\ght forgive you. To Korina tell her to shut up because anyway her wedding with Mar has ended on the trash!

    Crime doesnot pay you killers!

  • Prof. Arthur Martin says:

    I am a practicing psychologist for the past 30 years. I know and i can tell when someone is lying or telling the truth.

    TED FAILON is a professional liar but at my level it is so detectable. His crying is so fake and all his statements are lies.

    You need morte practice TED i hope next time you will pass our scrutiny here at the Philippine Psychologists Association!


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