Police theories on what really happened to Trina Arteche-Etong

April 18, 2009 § 1 Comment

Probers at the Central Police District (CPD) are looking at four angles on the Trina Arteche-Etong death (see PhilStar website at http://www.philstar.com).

First, suicide. Second, parricide. Third (which is based on other sites and personal information received by PinoyObserver), murder and lastly, homicide.

A suicide is something self-inflicted. Based on pieces of evidence, it can be determined by tests (like paraffin) and exogeneuous factors, like testimonies, etc.

A parricide contemplates that Ted Failon might have something to do with Trina’s death. Parricide is a crime committed by a member of the family which the victim belonged. If the police files parricide charges, only Ted Failon, or Trina’s sister or brother would be arrested and charged. Parricide is a heinous crime and punishable by life imprisonment (before death).

A murder charge contemplates a scenario where members of the household (the househelps  and the driver) killed Trina. Murder is pre-meditated. For police to seriously consider charging murder means that they have pieces of evidence which shows that there was something that could have provoked anybody to kill Trina. This means that members of Failon’s household could be charged and Failon exonerated.

Lastly, homicide. Homicide is not pre-meditated. It just says that somebody shot Trina without any provocation nor a plan to kill. It may mean that a third party was involved, which, in this case, is far-fetched since all testimonies point to a discovery of the incident after it was committed. There was also no indication of forcible entry nor any indication that a third party could have committed the dastardly deed.

Now, police will be piercing up the pieces of evidence they already gathered and re-construct the scene of the incident. The NBI is helping the police re-construct the scene of the incident.

What I am worried is the possibility (for my readers, let me stress POSSIBILITY) that police might actually influence their report to show either suicide or parricide. The direction that this case might take might actually depend on the way public opinion shows, which, obviously, an unfair thing both to Trina and her husband and siblings.


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§ One Response to Police theories on what really happened to Trina Arteche-Etong

  • jon says:

    my theory:

    anybody considered the daughter as the culprit?
    alibi of being in cebu, as chance passenger in a plane, should be double checked.
    you must be wondering why her daughter, well:
    the sorry note fits her, saying sorry to papa, takot na takot, walang mukhang ihaharap etc etc.
    explains why they clean up the scene, the gun and the car[to cover up for his daughter]
    explains why ted had to rushed home from studio
    explains why ted had to rushed home from hospital to attend to his daughter[plan a good cover up story]
    explains why ted, with his background and knowledge of the law, would clean the crime scene and the gun. coz there’s another print in there that belongs to his daughter.
    explains why ted didnt immediately surrender his and wife’s cellphone.
    of course if the daughters wherebouts is established and that she was indeed in cebu then all this is just crap. 🙂

    though being shot in the temple is very much unlikely in murder. if daughter is pointing gun to her mother, mother would likely look at her. unless she didnt see her.

    … if your love one was shot and fighting for his/her life, you wont leave his/her side. ted couldve just called some relatives to take care of his youngest daughter.
    … if you dont want your daughter to see the blood, lock the doors. and dont let her use the pajero. simple math.
    … women dont use gun to commit suicide. men use guns, women use pills or something less messy and brutal.
    … trina is left handed, bullet entry is right temple
    … why would trina blast her brains out in her daughter’s room? why not were he found the gun, their room?
    … why ted ask the katulong “halika, samahan mo ako” pagpunta sa kwarto?
    … you dont clean up crime scene specially if its suicide, Ted knows that. unless they are covering up something.
    … a maid wont even dare touch blood and the gun if not instructed.

    remember, everybody lies. evidence dont lie, cant be bribed and bias.

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