Top 20 Sexiest Pinays on the Planet

April 18, 2009 § 2 Comments

Thanks for my readers for giving me a headache. I got so many email responses and here are the results.

Top 20

20. Anna Dizon. This commercial model is one of the hottest properties in Japan right now. She’s a Filipina, with French and Japanese blood. She was involved in a controversy late last year.

19. Angelica Panganiban. Angelic face with a body that’s sure to die for. And, what’s best—she has brains. She’s now the girlfriend of another actor so you guys out there, check na lang others in this list.

18. Atty. Katrina Legarda. Well, I think those members of UP Law Batch 80 were the ones who voted for Atty. Katrina Legarda and for some good reasons. She’s lovely. She’s very intelligent. And, what’s very nice about her, she pursues women’s and human rights issues. Sexy? You bet!

17. Bea Alonso. Betty La Fea in the list? Of course! Beauty, brains and having that sophisticated bearing–those values define Bea Alonso. One thing though, she needs to be very cautious in choosing whom to be with. Bea is a beautiful young lady. She’s also strong mentally and emotionally.

16. Lea Salonga. What can I say? Despite being a mom to an intelligent kid, Lea retained the fine qualities that endeared her to the hearts of the Filipino since she first started singing at That’s Entertainment.

15. Diana Zubiri. The perennial hit lister since she first started in showbiz. For those who don’t know, Diana is not just your average bombshell. No. Her rags-to-riches story is an inspiration.

14. Loren Legarda. Notice those checkbones? That sparkling smile? Those pinkish skin? That hair, always neatly combed and styled even if she’s in the heat of the campaign and pumping those calloused hands? She’s intelligent (magna cum laude in UP and summa cum laude in the National Defense College). Her heart is in the right place, but unfortunately, many people do not favor another female president after this disastrous reign by the pretender.

13. Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Surprising? Yes! Some sender said that Mrs. Arroyo is actually sexy. She always smiles. Her eyes sparkle (maybe because she stands to inherit billions after 2010? Just joking!) and she wears fashionable clothes that shows power and elegance. Power is sexy? You bet!

12. Pia Hontiveros. Strictly politics? Nah. Pia has another show which tackles shopping. Pia has six kids already, a lovely and dutiful wife to a member of the AFP. Pia is also a highly respected journalist.

11. Pinky Webb. Many Pinoys pray that Pia decides muna to stay single. She’s engaged with Edu Manzano and there are rumours that they’ll tying the knot very soon. Somebody please go to the church and say ” we oppose!”. Hahaha. Just joking.

10. Rhea Santos. Host of GMA channel 7 shows, a highly respected journalist of such fine calibre and a loving wife to her husband.

9. Gretchen Malalad. Now, the debate has been settled. Gretchen Malalad is one fine lady. She has this very natural look and her eyes are kinda lovely. But, don’t get misled. Grethen is both a certified beauty queen and a martial artist who’ll make mince meat out of anybody who gets in her way. Remember Paul Alvarez? 

8. Wendy Puyat. Socialite. Gracious host. Sexy in a very distinct way. Friendly. Highly rated.

7. Sarah Geronimo. Sarah is an enigma. Some say she’s not quite lovely and others even say, her beauty is what they call “barriotic.” Others say, she has magnetic personality.One thing for sure—Sarah has this “x” factor, the one lacking to other Filipina beauties out there. She sings beautifully. She wears clothes in a kinda sexy way but is not lewd nor loud. Great that she’s in the list.

6. Kris Aquino. She’s already a mother but Kris Aquino remains one of the hottest and the sexiest Pinays around. She has a fine political and wealthy pedigree. In the first weeks, Kris was tops. But, as they say, you’re only good the last time you appeared.

5. Gretchen Fullido. She’s the prime example of a sexy and beautiful Pinay. Just look at her. Many people say she’s yummy. Many say, she’s not. But, hey, I don’t want to be prude and say that she’s not hot. She is. Best of all, she has brains which a lot of people out there don’t have. And guts. Tons of them.

4. Katrina Halili. What can I say except that it’s not only Dr. Hayden Kho who considers Katrina as not just hot and sexy but a lovely and cuddly Pinay.

3. Vicki Belo. This fiftish (or is it fortyish) lady remains very delectable especially to young, and hot-blooded Filipino males. She has been very controversial lately but managed to stay fresh, beautiful and sexy. A fine Filipina.

2. Krista Ranillo. The daughter of Matt Ranillo, 80’s matinee idol, is the talk of the town. This 21 year old Atenean is not just beauty—she’s also brains. She’s into a lot of showbiz activities now, doing a film and making all those shows. She’s the March cover of MAXIM Philippines. She’s not just immaculately beautiful—she’s also very, very photogenic. I expect a lot from her. What’s her secret? Maybe going to that lifestyle salon in Libis. Krizalis beauty salon, is that it, huh, Krista?

1. Marian Rivera. Wow, what can I say, except, scorchingly, erotically, intelligently, sexy. Look for that very controversial nipple slip ala Janet Jackson. I think my Ding Gagelonia has a copy. 🙂


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