Mar Roxas-Korina Sanchez wedding soon?

April 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

A PYT (Pretty Young Thing) was spotted with a Senator at the Senator’s Lounge, one fine day. The PYT is a celebrity. She was seen huddled in a corner with the senator. Wagging tongues say, the Senator had a crush on the PYT. Nothing wrong, except that Honorable Senator just happens to be married.

And speaking about Senators being married or tying the knot soon, heard that Mar Roxas is sure to marry Korina Sanchez very soon, quite possibly, this June? I wrote their plan a few months ago, and though many expect them to announce their engagement publicly, it was not to be. Korina was spotted with a diamond ring on her finger—an engagement ring? Yep, Korina said. When was the date where Mar gave her the ring? She would not say. Those things are private, says Korina.

But, if you’re expecting Korina to marry in June, you’ll be frustrated. I think they’ll prolong the engagement and quite possibly excite the public more. Credit that to political brand positioning. Maybe Mar’s handlers are re-positioning him as the Filipino version of JFK? Is Mar thinking of making the Araneta-Roxas clan the Pinoy version of the Kennedy’s?

I guess that this wedding would surely be the wedding of the year, quite possibly after or before November 30, the final date of filing the candidacy of Mar. If he does it before November, then, it would be a “wet wedding” since it would fall in the rainy season. If it’s December, which surely it would be, then, it would misinterpreted by many as a political gimmick, a stunt. When would it be, Mr. Senator?

A September wedding is perfect. If it’s December, a political gimmick. Should they decide not to tie the knot, then, it would be used by Mar’s political detractors as a sign of “teka-teka”, a trait frowned upon by many. If he can’t even decide when to tie the knot, how would we ever even consider him competent to be our president? 

Imagine, Mar Roxas riding a padyak with Korina…that would be a great way to end my day, hehehe!


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